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spoke wheels Customers Reviews

  • Great brightness

    posted by avianarios

    It has a great brightness that can be seen far away. It makes cool images at your wheel that makes pedestrian impressed. It only starts when movement is detected. It has some screws to avoid be stolen.
    Besides a movement detector, it should has a light detector so it starts only at night
    If you are worried about your security at night, this is a must have light. You are fully visible far away
  • Great spoke lights

    posted by Veltnar

    Very solid and good quality construction, quick to attach/detach on the spoke, very fast and easy power on/off just when you need it. Weather and waterproof, good visibility at night. Looks very nice, you can combine these lights to make the light picture you like while moving.
    It looks nice and provides more safety during night riding.
    Good product, i liked it. Comparing to other similar products, this one seems to be the best one.
  • Cool looking wheel light

    posted by wgriffa

    It has 40 different light patterns. It display the number of wheel rotations. It is fairly bright at night.It will display a number of saying, like I love you, etc.. It will shut off automatically after a couple of minutes.
    It is more for an onlooker than yourself as it is hard to read when you are riding your bike. There is a small magnet you can mount but I had issues because the mount was designed for a smaller front fork. It would have fit on the back without a problem. I got it to work by simply tapeing a rare earth magnet against my front fork.
    If you want a fancy light that does lots of patterns but this on.
  • Easily removed

    posted by Shion3072

    These clip on and off easily which is great if you lock your bike and worry about things getting stolen. Lightweight and flexible they can also be put anywhere like hung on your backpack or wave them round at a party or something.Quality was decent 4 out of 4 I bought worked fine.
    These have a single led in the base which shines up along a spring, not super bright when your under street lighting but really show up in darker areas, enough that I've already gotten a few comments.
    Cheap and fun a great alternative to more expensive and permanent wheel lighting systems. As a cyclist you are much more visible from the side.
  • Good product

    posted by codreanulaura15

    This reflectors are very usefull for my bike. I am riding very often during the night, and when a car comes from the right or the left side, it will definetively see me. The size is (I think universal). These items are quite a good light reflectors.
    The materials are very good. After you put them on the rim, they will not slip. They will stay there quite tight.
    Very easy to install. I recommend this item.

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