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speedlight universal Customers Reviews

  • Foldable and good quality

    posted by toxikdev

    Foldable, good size and quality for the product, near as professionnal quality. Easy to mount and use, with velcro for attaching on the flash and good fit for all cobra-flashes. Make a good size diffusor
    I recommend it for all people who are looking for a good size diffusor for report and on stage photo with a cobra flash. May be used on a stand for flash. Folded size is about a triangle of 20cm (20x15cm when folded)
    Good quality for the price.
  • Blown out after 100 flashes

    posted by junk3r43

    It is very easy to user, much better than the first 560 that i already own. The LCD is very useful, you see the increments on the screen in 1/3 of a stop, not the LED increments from the mk I that you had to guess or you had to remember the exact power level for each incrementation.
    I the near future i will buy another 2 pcs, hope that i don't burn them as well
    a very goof flash for the money
  • It's worth it's price!

    posted by lebanen

    - Quality build (I'm impressed, it seems durable and it holds quite strong.- Fits on every flash unit, you can even mount it to some other source of light- Adjustable- Cheap
    If you are going to use flash diffusers, you can save money buy buying this softbox.
    Only 8$ for such quality is a extremly great deal!
  • A practical thing

    posted by Boaaa

    It is a simple, good quality, light weight, sturdy bracket.It is useful for attaching any kind of equipment to any other kind of equipment (sounds silly but that is exactly what it is for).The screws are very nice, with rubber washers and can be "stacked" (screw head has nut-like thread in it).
    I plan using it with my underwater camera case (to attach an underwater video light). Since it is likely not intended to be used in such environment (sea water) I am interested to see how it will behave corrosion-wise, mainly the screws. I do not really expect some long lasting resistance to corrosion but do expect it to survive couple of seasons.
    Definitely a handy thing. I would recommend it.
  • Very nice product.

    posted by xakal82

    Good product, works like any other type and is still cheaper. And the materials are of good quality.
    The need to use this type of light diffuser for speelight becomes evident after comessamos the best working man with light.
    Cool cost X benefit. Was well worth it. I urge all photographers of events that precision of a good portable diffuser

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