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speedlight diffuser Customers Reviews

  • Must have accessories for flash

    posted by pankajkumars

    I bought this diffuser as part of routine flash accessories. The quality of the diffuser is greater than its price. The plastic fits perfectly on the flash. It is well designed and fits on YN series flashes also. After installing the diffuser, the harsh and burn out effect is minimized. IN the indoor shoot, pointing it towards ceiling creates homogenous light effect. The functioning of diffuser is simple and effective. Without diffuser, when pointed directly to the subject, the images is burned out due to harsh light. I recommend this as very essential accessories for flash.
    Very cheap and durable.
    A must have accessories.
  • what's not to like

    posted by alextorex

    I don't have prior experience with flash diffusers, but this one looks like a great buy and you can't beat the price. It's a good match to my YN-468II flash, fits well and seems to do its job.
    I'm still learning on the best times to use it, found a useful tutorial on youtube that mentions you should never use it outside and, on the inside, only when you have the flash head tilted(at a 45 degrees angle). So maybe it helps others as well.
    Does its job to diffuse the light around. What more can you ask from a $2.2 piece of white plastic?
  • Simple yet useful, keep in your camera bag!

    posted by CoryV

    Easy to mount, neutral color, small when stored, comes with storage bag, fair price IMHO, not dirt cheap.
    Make sure you unzip the bag carefully unless the thing pops out and goes flying ;)
    Why didn't anyone come up with this brilliant idea earlier? Over the past decades there's been countless occasions that I wished I had a simple diffuser near at hand, but never thought about or came across this great yet extremely simple solution: slide some cloth over your lens!
  • must have!

    posted by pirusmalus

    It fits much much better (actually perfectly) on my sb600 than the other one which I bought earlier on the other chinese online shop.Also it's a bit larger!
    Diffuser and packaging are really good quality, as I said much better than other one (which was, to be honest cost three times less)
    I have also lambency flash diffuser which is slightly better but also much larger! This diffuser is small and easy to carry with you anywhere, so I would recommend it even if you have lambency flash diffuser!
  • Good diffuser

    posted by y9696

    Good sto-fen like diffuser. Well made. Fits my yn560iii perfectly. Very useful for bouncing off the ceiling as well as using it while flash is inside a softbox or a reflective umbrella. Nutural color, so does not seem to add color casts.
    Good product, exactly as advertised.
    If you want to bounce light off ceiling this is a good alternative as it sends light everywhere, thus allowing to bounce it off ceiling and walls. Also good for making the light more even when using a speedlight inside a softbox or reflective umbrella.

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