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speed usb hub 3.0

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speed usb hub 3.0 Customers Reviews

  • Decent enough...

    posted by Henz707

    It has seven working USB 3.0 ports and they have switches with LED on next to them.
    Decent hub for a decent price, not the best but still decent.
    If I could do it again I would still buy it.
  • USB 3.0 Hi-speed hub that gets every job done BW-C0012A High Speed 5Gbps

    posted by ms4m2

    First of all it's very cheap, nice small size. much more than some "branded" Hubs in computer stores. It is a solid and has a very nice look, very easy to use just plug it in and it will work. all connections are tight, so everything that is connect became very firm. I tested it on my pc with all 4 connections on use at the same time: I attached 2 external HDD's, 32GB flash drive and charging my cellphone without extra power and it worked very good. also it is worked great with my samsung Tv. 2 external HDD each got 2 TB on it + 32 Gb Usb drive. ( just plug and play without drivers or extra Power ).with my laptop it worked very good with speakers, HDD , Usb drive and the fans as well.
    It is a good choice, if your desktop or laptop or your computer has a few usb ports on the back or just one USB HDD in your Tv (mine has one Hdd port ), then you need one (or two) of this.
    Its very usefull, looks good and does much more what it promissesWoks with Win7 x64 and it is really a 3.0 usb.excellent usb hub for the price, so far i am pretty satisfied with it and plan on purchasing 2 more of those.
  • Great but is two hubs cascaded

    posted by Malvineous

    Uses standard USB3 A to B cable. Works without power, but has a power socket if devices need more power. Included power adapter is four amps, which suggests that each port can run at its full USB2 500mA rating (but has a warning sticker suggesting only two ports at a time should be used for charging devices that draw higher current.)
    This device contains two four-port hubs in one. The ports labelled 1, 2, 3 and 4 are connected to the "lower" hub. The lower hub is connected to the first port on the "upper" hub, and the remaining ports on the upper hub are labelled 5, 6 and 7 on the device. The upper hub is what gets plugged into the PC. This means ports 1-4 may have a slightly greater latency as there is an extra hop the data must go through compared to ports 5-7.Because there is no TT, plugging the device in looks like there are four hubs connected. Two cascaded USB3 hubs (one hanging off the other) and two cascaded USB2 hubs. The USB2 and USB3 parts are completely separate, other than the signals travelling over the same cable (but on different wires in the cable.)
    Very nice hub. Until someone produces a multi-TT USB3 hub (that can transfer the USB2 data over the faster USB3 channel), this is the one to get.
  • Better than expected

    posted by rf3003

    Better quality than I expected. Has a power input also, that's not said in the description, so great surprise!I thought It was going to be like others 2.0USB hubs, really cheap plastic and poor durability, but its build quality is really a couple of steps above that, so nice!
    Doesn't include extra power cable, but it has the power input port and it doesn't even mention it on the description, so not big deal
    Better quality than expected.
  • Nice good

    posted by fabiodejardim

    A beautiful device with black matte finishing.Works very well at USB 3.0 Super Speed.It has a LED to notice when each port is powered on.Easy to carry with a notebook.Plug and play, no hardware install in Windows, very simple to use.
    Four USB outlets with separate energy controlFor use with high power devices, like more than one Portable HDD might be necessary to use an external power supply.
    A small, functional and beautiful device.

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