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speed module Customers Reviews

  • Cheap, good quality sensor

    posted by netiness

    Filteret output, several mounting holes. Power led and signal led indicators, signal led indicates ir-bram is interrupted.
    No complaints about build quality, feed it 5v through bcc and gnd. Check status of interrupter between out and ground. For me just needing an interrupter to be used as a switch it was the perfect choice, and having LEDs indicating the operational status was really a bonus.
    I bought several of these, and are mounting them in my homemade cnc as end-stop switches. There is no data sheet, but it is not needed if you have just a basic knowledge
  • Works as intended for wheel robot

    posted by mamdk

    Comes with encoder wheel in cardboard material - easy to adapt for different axle sizes (I've combined it with a LEGO axle) - holes are dark painted not to have any glare from outsidePins are clearly marked with 5v, gnd and outOutput signal from circuit is easily read as it remains high - no need for debounce delays in uC
    Haven't tested how fast the encoder wheel can turn before output gets sluggish - max tics per second would be nice
    Nice duo encoders for use with robots and similar applications. Cheap and versatile if you know how to modify and attach.My robot runs autonomously and smoothly now.

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