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  • Pricey but good controller

    posted by 13557

    Good small motor PWM controller work with 6V(4xAA battery pack) so it is good for small projects :)Nice looking and fit for many motors.Good screw terminal connectors buy a crimping tool for easy connections on those RED,YELLOW,BLUE insulation connectors :)
    Good PWM
    Love the unit. Hate the price.If only it could be radio controlled for remote controlling possibilities. Please make one with RC control...
  • Works as intended for wheel robot

    posted by mamdk

    Comes with encoder wheel in cardboard material - easy to adapt for different axle sizes (I've combined it with a LEGO axle) - holes are dark painted not to have any glare from outsidePins are clearly marked with 5v, gnd and outOutput signal from circuit is easily read as it remains high - no need for debounce delays in uC
    Haven't tested how fast the encoder wheel can turn before output gets sluggish - max tics per second would be nice
    Nice duo encoders for use with robots and similar applications. Cheap and versatile if you know how to modify and attach.My robot runs autonomously and smoothly now.
  • Best mouse pad ever

    posted by Wildedge

    This a best mouse pad i've use. The razer goliathus speed is really fast to move. Allied to razer's mouse, is a good job.Your contact material with mini fiber is amazing. And your background not lets slip.
    I recommend for gamers and users needing at agility and fast movements. I really happy with my purchase. That's amazing, i can take down my opponents more fast. Certainly i'm a better gamer with this.The razer goliathus speed is really fast to move. Allied to razer's mouse, is a good job.
    Its all.
  • the only brushed ESC w/o brake

    posted by Jurin1

    Rare thing in our time. I spent quite a time to find powerful brushed ESC without break. I use it for heavy 1/16 scale RC tank. Current level with metal tracks is up to 15A. Price is very good!
    I will buy more of these for all my tank club. I use it with ARDUINO and ElMod ThinkTank Tank Module PRO II Flex control boards. In Arduino you can use PWM or Servo.h library to control these ESCs.
    Good for me. I can recommend to everyone!
  • Very small motor regulator

    posted by lasermanathome

    very small , PWM , does not need further cooling in my situation.The knob is the biggest part.three skottky diodes parallel in the outpoutline give good protection against back EMP from DC motors and are able to use it with 500 type DC motors or even heavier.
    TRhe 9KHz makes it usable to reguylete the output of Synradlasers (CO2 60W) with RF exiters.Reduce for this purpose the outputvoltage to 5 Volt and draw some current by using a resistor, 5Ohm /5 Watt will do, the signal for the Synrad can bet taken from the powerresistorterminals
    Usable for many applications.Do not use them connected with transformers, the secondair can give a nasty shock.

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