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speed car Customers Reviews

  • great product for begginers

    posted by Compufreek

    Looks great and is a good build overall, worked right out of the box!
    would be nice if it had a manual with it, but a quick search for tutorial on how to setup ECS with arduino gave me the nedeed code to set it up!
    just remember you need to set starting speed to 10 then max speed to 180 and later on back to 10, only then you can start controlling the speed with arduino, should work with normal controllers no problem!
  • the only brushed ESC w/o brake

    posted by Jurin1

    Rare thing in our time. I spent quite a time to find powerful brushed ESC without break. I use it for heavy 1/16 scale RC tank. Current level with metal tracks is up to 15A. Price is very good!
    I will buy more of these for all my tank club. I use it with ARDUINO and ElMod ThinkTank Tank Module PRO II Flex control boards. In Arduino you can use PWM or Servo.h library to control these ESCs.
    Good for me. I can recommend to everyone!
  • As good as expected

    posted by atsa1

    Since i got it for my 1:18 scale model i really hoped it will fit. When it arrived i saw that it's quite small and replaced my stock Thunder Tiger ZK2 motor nicely. Nice acceleration and much power in small size. Very good motor.
    Easy to install and use. Needs some soldering (the T plug for battery and banana plugs for motor. but not a big deal if you have a soldering gun and required plugs.
    Very good motor and ESC for beginners like me who wants to upgrade the original motor to brushless. Will recommend this one.
  • Awesome toy

    posted by Yghord

    - Very, fast car for the size- Incredible acceleration- 5 different speeds so you can controle it indoor and outdoor- Car charges via USB, so no money wasted on batteries- LED indicates when car charge is complete (very useful!)- Charges on 30 minutes- Material looks durable- Can charge the control batteries on car plug (I think)
    I was amazed by all I get for this price. You get 20 road blocks and an "anti-turn-over" stripe that you can fix on your car, so every time it turns heads down it will turn over by itself. The indicating LED on the USB charger is a very nice idea to keep inside car batery for a long time without overcharging it.
    Definitly recomended!
  • Cheap, good quality sensor

    posted by netiness

    Filteret output, several mounting holes. Power led and signal led indicators, signal led indicates ir-bram is interrupted.
    No complaints about build quality, feed it 5v through bcc and gnd. Check status of interrupter between out and ground. For me just needing an interrupter to be used as a switch it was the perfect choice, and having LEDs indicating the operational status was really a bonus.
    I bought several of these, and are mounting them in my homemade cnc as end-stop switches. There is no data sheet, but it is not needed if you have just a basic knowledge

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