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speed cable Customers Reviews

  • Product like it is meant to be

    posted by Earendil2006

    Very good build quality. Sturdy cable, able to withstand a lot of stepping on, dragging and pushing around, and still delivering a great picture on the computer screen.
    Buyers Recommendation
    The cable is of very good build quality, inside, and out. Lenght is great and proves to be of great value to me, or anyone else in need of distancing the computer from the display itself.The picture quality is also great, so no complaints there. Like I said, the cable is great and is using it's purpose very well.
  • Good Product

    posted by brown00

    Excellent quality, good data transfer.The thin helps you to give a good look.Its been working for almost a year, I don't think I could have any problem with the cable quality or data transfer.
    The cable coverage is very resistant, preventing the cable to bake easily.
    Good looking cable, great for short distances. Looks very good and is very resistant.
  • Works just fine for me!

    posted by ubiratamuniz

    - Small form factor, can fit on any space on your case- Adds an eSata port to your PC- Windows 7 (including x64) compatible- USB compatibility (haven't tested it though)- Decent packaging and manual- All cables provided with the kit
    I haven't tested the USB funcionality, because I have no spare USB ports on my motherboard. I also haven't tested it for hot swapping, haven't had the guts to do so.But for adding external storage to your PC (for the purpose of backing up files for example) it does the trick...Please note that you have to have available SATA ports on your motherboard to use this.
    Great item for adding eSata funcionality to your PC.
  • Woks well!

    posted by SilverSniper

    Worked as soon as i plugged it in. Although i did not have an ssd to test it out, I still got the performance of the maximum speed my hard drive can do.
    They should have made one of the sides 90% angle. That way the cable could have been used in tight places.I would also rather have a standard color and shape cable so that it wouldn't really stand out from the rest of the computer.
    Although this is not the cheapest sata 3 cable i have seen, it does its job.
  • Best Cable

    posted by tz2026

    No-snags work but you can also remove the connector from the jack without pliers.Flat and very flexible. Easy to move.Cable is recognized as 1000Mbps!!!
    Just get these in their various lengths, especially with the bulkrate discount. They work at 1Gb. Being thin and flexible, they are easily routed around the connector. And they are half the cost of the standard cables. They just work, and work well.
    I will be recycling the other stiff and hard to use cables.

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