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sparkling tools Customers Reviews

  • Good and big enough for large hands

    posted by aoutinen

    * This wilderness survival fire sparke / blade cutter tool works as supposed, even wet!
    * I've had lots of similar products, but this one is propably largerst one which is good with cold / big hands.
    * Getting fire with these need some practice. This is not the easiest way to set up camp fire, but works even wet if you know what to do!
    * Looks like a quality product, even better than most of these I've seen in markets at 5x price.
    * Finally big enough for cold and large hands. Go for it!
  • Too small :(

    posted by Kapiiitan

    Very strong ignition temperature. A must for all ppl who are used to camping.
    Not for childrens, be careful, they might burn their skin.no other thoughts! no other thoughts! no other thoughts!no other thoughts!no other thoughts! no other thoughts! no other thoughts!no other thoughts!no other thoughts!no other thoughts!no other thoughts!
    I would recommend the large version of this product, it will last longer and the operation will be easier.
  • Its really good and what i needed

    posted by Bodokhp

    Ive been looking for this thing for over 2 weeks untill i found it here for a low price.
    Its really good for going out for camping!
    i managed to use this tool to start a fire!
    does a lot of sparks!
    ive been using it for a long time and i could still do sparks!! its like its infinite or something!
    If your going out for camping and you want to start a fire this is what you need! its like an infinite amount of matches!
    i recommend this item!
  • Love it!!

    posted by CrazyMonkeyGirl

    Great size. Well made. Very nice handles on both the rod and the scraper. The scraper is very effective, and combined with the length of the rod makes it very easy to start a fire. The price is fantastic. It'd be hard to find another one of this quality that's any cheaper.
    I liked it so much that I bought another one. Great for camping or just for a gift.
    This is probably the most ferrocerium in one rod that you could find for this price. Buy it and you won't be disappointed. ^_~
  • Okay Firestarter

    posted by Timanris

    * looks good* fun to use
    * Striking works better with a Blade or 6 - 10mm drillbit* The lighting Steel seems high quality - the Megnesium is notI don't have anything to compare it two though, but forum reports and Videos
    Better then not to have anything similar around. But if you intend to use it more often, a higher quality product probably is the better choice.Very fun to play with though, I don't regret buying it! (But wouldn't buy it again)

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