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  • Cool beans

    posted by Zhooibaal

    The brightness of the leds is good and the unit responds well to sound. When in a very loud environment (like a club) you can turn down the sensitivity so it won't be lit 100% all the time.The shirt has a small pouch in it to hold the battery chamber.
    It might be a good idea to connect the battery chamber and led display the right way around at the factory to prevent dissapointment for customers.
    If it lights the wrong way around, just follow the cable from the battery chamber to the led display and connect it the other way around.Other than that it's a very cool gadget that every geek should have.
  • Its excellent! You wont find a better price!

    posted by Mohit112

    It looks absolutely AMAZING in the dark, i have posted a video and should be up soonthe visual bars actually move to the beat of the music as if they are dancingthat creates a really cool effecttheres a volume control button on the battery pack which allows you to control the amount of sound it picks up: eg. if you set it low, the sound has to be loud, ideal if your out in a party, if you set it high, it can pick up not so loud sounds, which makes it look really cool, when people talk, clap, or theres remote music, your t shirt starts lighting up! The price is amazing, ideal to buy in bulk and resaleTHE DELIVERY FOR 2 OF THESE WAS FASTunlike most dx products they arrived in less than 3 weeks
    its really good for the price, sells extremely well, you could buy alot of these in bulk and they get cheaper and cheaper! My one only cost £7.00 GBPWhich is phenomenal as you cant get that price in the UK very often!
    Buy these, test it out, if you like it then keep it,if you dont, you'll have lines of people ready to buy it ;)
  • SSSssso Reactive, ...

    posted by dzigidizah

    First of all the price is finally OK, unlike all people could have seen during events and their shops.The detail "RAVE" is cool and not usually found on these shirts. Besides the leds can follow such a crazy rythm, don't be worried about that lol! I was unsure about that at the beginning. The mic is well driven, altough I don't know if it would understand what's going on in front of a (big) loudspeaker ;
    The price is fair, it's an item i would have bought even if i was not needing it as it could be a greeeaaat gift, like so many items on DX btw !
    Look crazy enough when wearing this, as you don't want to look like an christmas tree or a crazy led and so on-covered japanese teenager
  • Somewhat great and fun

    posted by Thyrfing

    So, its great and cheep. Somewhat fun to use. havent tested it in public or at school yet. Am i at 500 characters yet? Am i at 500 characters yet? Am i at 500 characters yet?
    For the price its an great/fun item.Am i at 500 characters yet?Am i at 500 characters yet?Am i at 500 characters yet?
  • Great Gift

    posted by gabinido

    Looks exactly like the picture
    The package comes perfect
    Perfect gift for a birthday
    Really cheap price for this tipe of shirt
    The equalizer work perfect
    The T-shirt quality is good
    Nice for night live and partys
    Batteries last looong
    The product come on a plastic bag nice placed.
    I buy some more tshirts of the collection and all are the same good quality. The product quality/price rate is really good. not for everyday use but nice for partys or for a gift


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