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sound light Customers Reviews

  • Sweet

    posted by Jetty

    Great Lights
    Had them flashing in under a minute
    Allright sound, to be expected for such a great price.
    Can be used in conjunction with other speakers
    If i could find a sound output filter so as to only send them lower frequency sounds they would probably dance a lot better to the rhythm of the music i'm listening to.
    Unfortunately i cant find any software that matches this description.
    Will be superb for parties :)
    Great lights Great buy.
  • It do its work

    posted by Sartan

    It works! Easy to rechargeAuto-wake on the collar unit Long Range, perfect for a quick dog.
    Knowledge on how to train your dog with it is required. No linked stimulus audio signal-physical signal, you have to do it yourself to properly train the dog.The maximum physical stimulus level is not high, the dog will ignore it if it is too focused on something else. It works in a preventive way, but forget it to stop the dog if it is already chasing a rabbit :)
    If you know how the expensive ones work and already know how to use it to train your dog, it is a good option for much less money.
  • Cute but potentially dangerous :)

    posted by LocoDonEduardo

    This is really cute. My daughter loves it (maybe too much... now she is always clapping her hands instead of sleeping :)).
    The color change on one of the LEDs is a cute little idea.
    If you don't want to solder, pay atention not to break the isolation.
  • Funny gift

    posted by gabizago2

    It makes a funny and loud noiseIt's cuteIt's soft to the touch
    It is ok as a gift for a kid, maybe, but not to use as your regular keychain - as I original thought about doing. Imagine if you put it inside your purse, and then things move and you accidentally press the button during an important meeting - a loud giraffe noise will be fill the environment.
    It's cute, but it will be kept home.
  • Turn your room in to A DISCO!!!!!

    posted by dutchbartman

    *It turn's your whole room in to a ballroom/club/disco!*The blue/blacklight leds are so strong that in my living room (7*4 meters) everything that is white glows up!*The laser effect is STRONG!
    I first tryed it on sound activated mode with some hardcore house music... WOW this was GREAT!!!!Some smoke helps;) If you don't have a smoke machine a olibanum stik ore 2:)Than i played some metalica, and the effect was amazing!!!!In auto mode it's also verry cool!
    If you ever wanne bay a laser projector, and don't need DMX, this is a verry good product!

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