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  • Great gift! Worth buying.

    posted by hpinholato

    Durable material, apparently quality. The color does not scratch or damage easily. I'm using almost a month ago along with my keys and so far not traced. The product emits a sound when pressed the button image capture, along with a powerful LED that works well, impresses all who know the keychain. The LED used is quite powerful and can be used as a flashlight smoothly orientation.
    Great gift for dad or friends.
    Worth buying. Cost-benefit EXCELLENT.I recommend this product.
  • Cute Android

    posted by Camou893

    Cute looking, easy to use on your keys with the special keyring. Nice bright LEDs - you can easily find the keyhole in the night.
    I would like this robot in other colors too. Green like Android. But in red or orange it would look great too.The sound should be not that loud or suppressible.
    Will buy again when the one i use is damaged, lost or a friend likes to have one too :-)
  • It do its work

    posted by Sartan

    It works! Easy to rechargeAuto-wake on the collar unit Long Range, perfect for a quick dog.
    Knowledge on how to train your dog with it is required. No linked stimulus audio signal-physical signal, you have to do it yourself to properly train the dog.The maximum physical stimulus level is not high, the dog will ignore it if it is too focused on something else. It works in a preventive way, but forget it to stop the dog if it is already chasing a rabbit :)
    If you know how the expensive ones work and already know how to use it to train your dog, it is a good option for much less money.
  • Very Cute :)

    posted by redheadedwonder

    Super cute :) The elephant is tiny - the perfect size for a keychain! The light is also very bright. It is great for finding the right key for your door in the dark, playing with the cat, or finding your way in the dark.
    Very cute. Definitely worth it if you don't mind the noise.
  • Pretty but loud

    posted by cad-kid

    What can I say, I like busses. And something unusual as this caught my eye. After loading the batteries and turning it on the bright LEDs look great. The chromed interior looks super in a dark room with the LEDs. Motion is the classic "bump and go" - It is more fun to watch than I remember.
    When you turn it on you hear vroom-vroom (like a sports car) then you hear a short dance-dance kind of tune - then it repeats.
    I bought two - One I got was blue and the other one came in oarnge. I got one for my son - I don't expect his to last very long but hey that's what being a kid is all about. To me the bus is a bit stylized but that's ok by me.

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