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sound effects Customers Reviews

  • good and cheap

    posted by jrrhack

    Works as sound card
    Can be carried around with ease
    Works with windows
    Easy installation
    I needed something to replace the onboard soundcard on my computer since it hanged and had a very bad audio qhen I used to listen to music, and this usb dongle helped with it.
    If you need to carry something cheap that produces sound out of a non multimedia computer, you need this.
  • nice present

    posted by Nunser

    Very cheap for a nice present.Has an on/off button in case you get tired of the sound and mechanics involved with every coin.Novelty (at least in my country).
    Maybe choose it for older children, smaller ones may get scared (it's not scary, but who knows...)
    Very nice.
  • Great Little Keychain

    posted by Eggboi

    Saw this for a friend of mine who absolutely loves pandas, so I decided to pick one up. It looks exactly like it does in the picture and the eyes light up SUPER bright when you press the button on the back.
    This is pretty loud and kind of sounds like godzilla when you press the button, so if you don't want that, you might want to pass up on this keychain light.
    It worked perfectly and looks exactly like the picture. Friend absolutely LOVES it and for that, the price made it worth it for sure.
  • It is nice

    posted by posner

    It is a nice flashlight. It has two leds which are very effective.The colors are nice, it is a nice gift to give to someone.The price is excelent.
    It does not sound very much like a cat. (you can verify by yourself in the video I also post as a review of this product). But I think if you heard some times, maybe it starts to sounds like one... dying maybe...
    Well, it is very cheap. If you like it, just buy it :)
  • Great gift! Worth buying.

    posted by hpinholato

    Durable material, apparently quality. The color does not scratch or damage easily. I'm using almost a month ago along with my keys and so far not traced. The product emits a sound when pressed the button image capture, along with a powerful LED that works well, impresses all who know the keychain. The LED used is quite powerful and can be used as a flashlight smoothly orientation.
    Great gift for dad or friends.
    Worth buying. Cost-benefit EXCELLENT.I recommend this product.


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