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sound activated Customers Reviews

  • Very nice, cool effect at night

    posted by tigoaraujo

    Easy to install, very simple, no need special tools.it took me less than 5 minutes to complete the installation
    Very nice, cool effect at night.especially if used in car with insulfim the glass as the lights appear only the LED thereby demonstrating a large bargraph, however do not have the same effect in daylight
    i'll buy more one
  • Works great!

    posted by icebear

    Cheap, very simple to install. Near idiot proof. Red goes to +ve, white to Neutral. The light sensor works together with the sound sensor. If its bright, sound will not trigger it. It only triggers when dark. Sound sensor is sensitive, so that's good.
    Not sure if there's any wear and tear components inside..
    Cheap, good to buy and try, quite compact.
  • good product

    posted by sasos

    It is exactly what I was looking for for my stairs. They are closed from all sides and with two corners, so movement sensor isn't good choice. On other side this voice sensor works perfectly. It isn't to sensitive, so loud voices, chair moving ... from other room don't trigger the light.
    I installed it on 60 W 12 V power supply. You just have to put in mind, that it has to be max. ca. 0,5 m of wire from this switch to power supply/light etc. or it won't work.
    Very good product if movement sensor isn't suitable solution. I recommend it!
  • Fine but too much fragile

    posted by jompo

    The plasma lamp reacts very well with music or sound. The sensitivity of the plasma lamp to sound can be adjusted finely with a button.
    The USB alimentation is convenient as the lamp can be connected to a computer or alternatively to electric current with a standard USB power adapter (which is not in the package, but is usually not expensive)
    no other thoughts
    I cannot recommand buying this lamp, even if it is nice, as so many lamps are broken during shipment.
  • REAL effective!

    posted by Timoliini

    Im real impressed at this. i have a little dachshund (also known as a wienerdog) and they are real stubborn! she always acts as in charge and barks a lot and with a lot i mean ALL THE TIME!! she barked whenever the doorbell ringed, somebody walked downstairs, opened the fridge, lighted a cigarette, etc... but she NEVER stayed quiet. i could scream at her, spray her with water, throw a pillow at her, use loud noises (AKA coins in a can), but nothing worked! then i decided to buy this and !!!AFTER TWO DAYS!!! she hasnt barked at all!
    Let me get this straight... i dont like the idea of hurting my dog at all and it took a good 3 years until i submitted to buy this product.i tried the collar to myself and the shock isn´t a "Shock" at all, as it is much like a hardish pinch. it feels like somebody grabbed you with a fist and pulled for a moment.The first two stages of the collar are loud beeps that notify the dog that "Shut up or you gonna get tazed!"and its real effective.
    Ive never been so reliefed that somebody ringed the doorbell. now my dog just might bark ONCE instead of all the time the guest is over.My dog first got real submissive with the collar on, like she was being demoted to the lowest possible level of a pack member but quickly got over it when i showed love towards her that she isnt submissed to low levels as she believed.I never believed that a shock collar could be so effective at teaching a dog not to bark! Thanks a lot DX for making my life a lot easier!

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