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  • great batteries

    posted by kfkwan

    I have been buying soshine batteries from DX for about three years now and this was just another consignment. As our sone is getting older, he is into more and more gadgets. These and the AAAs are used in everything. We don't bother shopping around for other brands and normally buy three packets at a time to get the cheaper rate. We have probably bought around 60 so shine batteries over time and out of the AAA adn AA, have only had a couple of failures.
    don't hesitate, just buy them
  • High quality batteries at a reasonable price

    posted by TaaJau

    Looks very good! (like purchased in local store at a high price)
    I believe that the capacity is really 700mAh
    Has not oversized! (many 16340 rechageable batteries in that store is too long)
    Battery Protective Case included!
    some time ago, when still believed everything written on the batteries, I used sku.722 batteries (labeled 1000mAh), and think that they are very good. Only with time, reading the various reviews, I understood - do not believe everything what you see! At the beginning I wanted to buy TrustFire's (sku.24979), but trusting the good reviews I decided to try this. I hope that they justify their price.
    If you use these batteries in a flashlight, be careful - A COMPLETE DISCHARGE CAN DAMAGE THE RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES (It tells the Internet). When testing the batteries in my AKOray K109 flashlight (sku.28545), I realized that the battery should be changed as soon as the light become visibly weaker (after that, measuring the battery voltage - it was already a critical ~2.5V)!
    Some measurements:
    AKOray K-109 with one of these batteries working about 40 minutes. After 30 minutes of use the battery discharges from 4.18V to approximately 3.7V (akoray takes 0.79A at 4.18V). TrustFire TR-001 (sku.12594) recharges this two batteries from ~3V to 4.20V around 2h20min.
    They are not the cheapest nor the most powerful batteries available here, but I chose this because I wanted a quality product, and I am happy with my choice! I hope that they justify their price, and even after many times of use will work just as good as new.
  • Great batteries

    posted by flipje

    it came in a plastic cover, strange that it isn't mentioned somewhere, cause i ordered some separately.. so this is obvious a big pro :) and the batteries are just fine
    one of the two batteries came with some strange raveling and the plastic cover came loose
    if you need cr123a batteries and don't want to bother with buying new ones all the time,, buy these !
  • Great NiCd batteries - hard to find

    posted by dazaster

    Excellent batteries, use them in 4 cordless phones, work perfectly. AA NiCd batteries are extremely hard to find these days due to their ban in the EU.Get great battery life out of them. Great price too, just over $10 USD for 8 batteries. Case they come with is nice too.
    Get them if you need them, they'll work well. If your device can use NimH, definitely go for those instead. But if you're limited to NiCD, then you know what to do!
  • Excellent Battery

    posted by spy8137

    Bought this battery for my flashlight that requires 2 18650... Used them straight out of the box.. It comes fully charged...!! Which is GREAT..!! The battery fits perfectly,it didn't get too hot after using it continuously for 1 hour.. Circuit protection certainly works as promised.. And it came with a plastic container. Great for 2 pieces of 18650 or 4 CR123. value for my buck...!!
    Bottom line is.... If you have a high drain gadget,thus is the battery to use. You won't regret it..!!AND IT COMES WITH A CONTAINER... no other batteries I know provides this...


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