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sony charger Customers Reviews

  • Charged my Sony Nex batteries!

    posted by REDin

    Its dirty cheap compared to the Sony brand charger. My battery just fit in the cradle. The light changes from red to green when charged. Took 3 hours to fully recharge.
    I'll test the output voltage to see if it really deliver what it promised.
    It works and I didn't have to pay the "Sony fee" for a simple battery charger! It works and I didn't have to pay the "Sony fee" for a simple battery charger! It works and I didn't have to pay the "Sony fee" for a simple battery charger! It works and I didn't have to pay the "Sony fee" for a simple battery charger!
  • Charges the battery for a friction of the price

    posted by yluzon

    - Price! The original charger costs here (Israel) about $30.
    - Does it job, charges the battery. The LED changes color when it's done charging.
    - Easy to carry, the AC plug folds nicely into the case itself.
    - The AC plug is flat, like in the US, although the charger supports 110-220V, so if you have european sockets in your country, you only need the european adapter, which is very cheap. The problem with that is that you can't fold the plug with the adapter, and when using the charger you need to put it in such a way that it won't fall from the adapter. Not big problems, but worth mentioning.
    Saved me around $25. I have no intensions of buying the original charger now, this one does exactly the same for a much more reasonable price.
  • Looking proffesional

    posted by xWaLeeeHD

    This really look like one of the professional car phone holders and it is very is for the use. I'm only 16 so I only use for movie in the backside and this work well for that because of the rotation arm
    When I ordered this is was not sure how well the suction cup would work but I was over surprised. It was stuck like hell! I could not get it lose and thats a good thing when your driving that it wont wall of when its mounted the right way.
    Need a cheap Phone mount holder? Buy this one
  • This device makes the PSvita a truly portable game

    posted by JohnSchi

    Very good product that fulfills perfectly what is expected of it. Plugging it into the cigarette lighter of the car, it is well suited to the device, with sufficient length of wire that allows comfortable use of the console in the back seat of the vehicle. With the use of this device my son is no longer worried about the battery life of the PSvita longer journeys by car.
    I recommend to all PSvita owners that are wishing to extend their children the pleasure of playing this fantastic game on longer journeys by car, without worrying about the battery life time.
    Very cheap and usefull device.
  • Excellent kit for the car

    posted by Grosty

    I spent a lot of money on similar products from other brands and all have had the same problem. There are so firm and eventually end up being worse. This however is just the opposite, with good solid angles of rotation to accommodate the best way to the driver's vision. On the other hand the shipper has a retractable cable that is hidden at the touch of a button. It is very comfortable and goes unnoticed in the car as it is very thin. Much better than using the typical cable micro usb that are thick and bend. Being a the two in one kit gives you an unbeatable price.
    I am very satisfied with this purchase
    If you want a kit set that includes car charger and holder for glass this should be one of the best options that are available at a really convenient.

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