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sony battery charger

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sony battery charger Customers Reviews

  • Digital Camera Battery Charger

    posted by pacome67

    This battery charger for SONY battery is very well priced and perfectly fulfills the requirements. In the product description on the website says it's dx.com for NP-FP50 / FP70, but models I tested with the NP-FP30 battery and it works. It's just what I needed to carry respuesto battery and charging the batteries without having to connect the camera.
    The battery charger comes empaquedado in a clear plastic bag with zipper, inside a small box, all very tight to their size. Perfect, so the charger can be transported in its original box. Also in the same box indicates charging times of batteries depending on their size.
    Although having the flat connector, it is a good buy. I can recommend it.
  • Charged my Sony Nex batteries!

    posted by REDin

    Its dirty cheap compared to the Sony brand charger. My battery just fit in the cradle. The light changes from red to green when charged. Took 3 hours to fully recharge.
    I'll test the output voltage to see if it really deliver what it promised.
    It works and I didn't have to pay the "Sony fee" for a simple battery charger! It works and I didn't have to pay the "Sony fee" for a simple battery charger! It works and I didn't have to pay the "Sony fee" for a simple battery charger! It works and I didn't have to pay the "Sony fee" for a simple battery charger!
  • Who needs the oem one?

    posted by shusting

    - Far cheaper than the original/real/oem Sony charger.- Worked with original Sony battery as well as sku 17443, the FG1 replacement battery by Pisen.
    - Be gentle with it and it will do the job nicely.- Order this with sku 17443 and you're set with a good charger and second battery for your Sony camera.
    - For the price, why not?Sure beats having to charge by USB or buy the (expensive) Sony charger.
  • One of the best...yet reasonably priced

    posted by sincero

    - good built quality, almost looks like original PSP one, except some minor parts
    - fits both phat and slim battery, both original or third party's
    - no need to carry around any cable to charge psp battery
    my battery is still full so i haven't had a chance to test it yet, above review is mainly based on the appearance. I hope it will work alright
    very nice looking third party charger.
  • Perfect low cost clone

    posted by philiproeland

    Works well to charge my Sony battery. This charger was much cheaper than I could ever buy in a shop.
    Original accessories are ridiculously overpriced. I really don't know how to make a review of a simple product longer than 500 characters, so let me repeat that this is a good and affordable replacement for an original charger.
    If you are looking for an affordable charger and don't feel like spending an arm and a leg on an original, or want a cheaper compatible one, this is the one to buy.

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