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sony 3.6v battery

Purchase the latest sony 3.6v battery with wonderful pricing Welcome to DX, a worldwide electronic accessories retailer and wholesaler. You can find what you want at sony battery 3.7v, battery replacement sony. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.
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sony 3.6v battery Customers Reviews

  • Works Great!

    posted by exerramun

    Fits and works perfectly.-Identical in size as original battery used in my W380 Camera.-800 mAh capacity instead of original battery's 630 mAh.- It's really cheap.-It looks and feels good quality.-Good practice packaging and container box, perfect for a long trip shipping. -
    If you need a replacement or extra battery for your Sony Cybershot W380 or similar, buy this battery! It's cheap, it works great, fits perfectly and offers 800 mAh more juice compared to the standard/original battery.
    Very convenient.
  • Great battery

    posted by bigricesack

    It has the infolithium/time remaining feature, and it seems to be accurate.Good capacity; I've left the camera on play for half an hour or an hour, and after that it claims there is 48 minutes of HQ avchd video recording left. After filming 36 minutes there is still 13 minutes left according to the indicator. Accurate!
    I bought a different brand from another site before. It was much cheaper but capacity was much much less (1/4th perhaps of the original). It also had infolithium, but that would say 1 hour to go and run down in 15 minutes, unlike this battery,I use it in the HX5-V. Others may have different power consumption. The infolithium should still be accurate.
    I will use this as primary battery from now on. And I finally have a good spare battery (my old original one) for free!
  • opinion li-ion battery for sony

    posted by pablor23ar

    very good battery, recommended by the product cost was inserted without any problem, completely customizable for sony cameras is detailed. the duration to be generic is similar to the originals. Strongly recommended, is the first time I ask one for the camera and I am satisfied...
    if you are looking for a battery in which the trust without being original have been found, they will not have problem in using the camera sony detailed in the list ...
  • Works great

    posted by bonettie

    Excellent replacement battery! This battery replaces the OEM battery in a 2 year old Sony X10 that had stopped holding a good charge, and while I cannot compare.
    just buy this replacement battery!battery on this phone anyway.Other: Excellent value and cannot be faulted! I've used this for over a month without any faults at all. Highly recommended over the high priced OEM replacements!
  • Optimum

    posted by dinhoviccius

    He served perfectly in my camera.Even better than my old original because it's old does not leave the camera when I pressed the lock.This in turn worked PERFECTLY.BR/PT: Pode comprar sem medo funciona perfeitamente
    Is still in use so I do not know the long term as it will be the battery life.But for now it works perfectly.BR/PT: como ainda estou usando não tenho nada a declarar de ruim, mas conhecemos muito bem os importados, por enquanto funciona perfeitamente.
    It came well packed and within the stipulated.BR/PT: Bem embalado e no prazo estipulado.

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