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  • Great cache ssd

    posted by ReneSantos

    This is an awesome solution, it allows to have traditional HDDs with the usual good price per GB but with a great performance of new SSDs.Simple installation, but no forget to install ExpressCache software, without it the drive is useless.Allows lower boot times, lower programs loading times.
    It needs a free 2.5" bay, so it does not replace a hard drive. Does not work as a single SSD drive.Comes with multilang manuals, screews and a bay adapter to install it on 3.5"bays.It is a genuine Sandisk product.
    This is a great performance upgrade for any PC which doesn't have an SSD. Nowadays the price per GB of SSDs is very high so we still need the traditional mechanical HD drives. The ReadyCache creates a hybrid system improving the data access performance.
  • Extremely fast

    posted by madmax79

    Works great on linux. Ultra fast (and I'm using it on sata2) I advise that you optimize your partition for better perfomance on install (setting "no last access time on files", and using a standard HD for swaping)It's also wise to redirect all caches to a standard HD. (broswsers, temp files, etc) to preserve your new disc.Linux Mint (debian based) boots in just a few seconds. And virtualization on this drive is a big win.
    Hoping to get this on Raid.
    This item took almost 2 months to be shipped to Argentina.
  • Great value for the money

    posted by rulexus

    -8-channel MDX controller is awesome for read/write speed operations-Toggle-Mode 2.0 memory enhances the I/O interaction-Overall, a reliable choice for a PC enthusiast
    For the price, the pros really overweigh the cons. Copying over 2 GB of data in 1000+ files in less than 7 seconds is a tremendously awesome experience for any PC user. Still can't believe such kind of performance costed me $114.
    Recommended to every category of PC users, and especially gamers. You will be the ahead of everybody when it comes to online server connections. An especially crucial aspect for games that feature "first come - first served" type of strategical advantage.
  • cheap SSD

    posted by omega256

    - As fast as my SD card is with a PDA (9 MB/s)
    - Fast access time, less than 1ms
    - Very cheap
    - Easy to use
    - Three very bright LEDs (Power, SD, Access)
    So all in all it's a very nice thing. Very fast, easy to use, and the cheapest SSD you can build. 4Gb SSD at around 20$.
    I can't check if, SDHC works.
  • KingSpec 2.5" SATA II MLC-NAND Flash SSD/Solid

    posted by galp30

    The disk is a device worthy of attention. It is really very fast and access time to data on disk does not exceed 0.3 ms. The system starts within 15-20 seconds. Transfer of data when reading a 170 MB / sec. a record of 110 MB / sec. I recommend this product due to super price for quality.
    I have no comment.
    I have no comment.

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