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solderless breadboard prototype

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  • Good breadboard for its price. A bit hard to plug.

    posted by algspd

    This kind of products are more expensive in local electronic stores than in DX. The breadboard is overall good quality, it has very very good thermal resistance and its well ended.
    It's modular, if you get several of them you can make a bigger one.
    If you have to prototype something small, it's ok. I recommend using it combined with sku 118826 to plug the wires comfortably (otherwise it's a nightmare to plug them the first time)
  • Personal use

    posted by aZZika

    170 Tie Points Prototype Solderless Breadboard is perfect for amateur use, at home so as outside. Very hard shell made of ABS plastic, does not require soldering and is reusable. Good printed numbering.
    It could be bigger. Middle area does not have pin holes.
    Very good solderless breadboard. 100% reusable. Great for Arduino management. And this is main usage for me.
  • Good Proto Board

    posted by Kufruuuu

    Use any DM board you likeEasy installationCheapThe protoboard is a clever new design which makes it easy so combine SMT with throughole to save some board space on an Arduino proto shield. I missed the silk screen idicating the name / function of the pin. The price of the shield is on par with other protoshields on sale elsewhere. I hope elecfreaks will also make some single and double sided protoboard for none Arduino usage using the "flower" pads.First off I have to tip my hat to Lucky for coming up with this ingenius idea. Simply brillant. This product makes it so that you don't need to buy an entire board to get new programming. I love it.When I first got my board I was happy as can be. Opened the box and was a little disapointed. The board was only in a plastic bag, and the box only had those packing peanuts in it. I didn't find that to be a very safe way of shipping product such as this. Anyways, got my proto and opened it up. Spent about 20 minutes trying to figu
  • very handy breadboards for the Arduino

    posted by poiujk

    you can place this breadboard in between the two rows of Arduino connectors. of course it will slide around, but it's handy enough for hooking up simple circuits to the Arduino without taking up too much space.
    actually, i received item SKU 118834 instead, but i am not complaining.http://www.dx.com/p/170-points-mini-breadboard-white-118834the breadboards are end-stackable, so you can combine a few of these to form a larger breadboard. it's stackable in both directions.the breadboards have 2 holes in the centre - useful for mounting. for pictures, see the other item.
    very handy breadboards for hooking up simple circuits, and it can fit in/on the Arduino.

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