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  • Electronics engineer

    posted by AlexNEMO

    Excellent iron tip for soldering stations. I use it with Xytronic 137 ESD. I assume to change it in a sting like "microwave".
    It would be desirable to see in your shop more thin iron tip - 900M-T-2C and 900M-T-1C!Please!
    Excellent Replacement Bevel Cylinder Shaped Lead-Free Solder Iron Tip for very low price! I recommend!Approaches to soldering stations HAKKO 900M Series, XYTRONIC 136/137 and similar, with the ceramic heater.
  • WOW!!!

    posted by rizwanrana

    Using these in my 30w soldering iron. They heat-up really quick and different shapes allow for different type of soldering jobs. I am a RC hobbyist and usually need to do varying type of soldering jobs like making big connections by soldering 10awg wires and on the other hand requiring very fine soldering work for 3mm leds and so far i am very happy with these.
    Just for the info i use the big round tip (2nd from the left in that image) for doing large solder joints and never had a problem with that although i am using a cheap Chinese 30w iron.
    I was thinking about getting a new iron as my old one was giving me cold solder joints but after replacing the stock tips with these, soldering become lot more easier and quicker.
  • A must-have for every electronics hobbyist

    posted by darmur

    It works! I've been using cleaner balls for a very long time, it's the best way to clean your soldering iron tip without damages. It does'nt need water like the sponges you always find with soldering iron stations.
    Buy them if you like electronics DIY projects, it's one of the most usefull things!
    To use with a tip cleaner holder, as spare part. You can buy this item http://www.dx.com/p/soldering-iron-tip-cleaner-black-34154 and use it when the original tip cleaner has to be changed.
  • Bought them for sku.22253

    posted by f11lbert

    They fits my sku.22253 (in fact this is 60w soldering iron).The set consists of all profiles that you need in your DIY projects.
    Not great but ok. I like my old soldering iron better but my be I just need time to get accustomed with this new tips and soldering iron.
    May be you find better. But if you don't - you can by this set of tips and use them.
  • Well worth the money!

    posted by dxsmart

    These fit my Nexxtech variable watt soldering iron model 6412006 (Max 60 watt) without any problem. This is also compatible with an ECG J-060VT soldering iron. (and probably MANY more) - They are just a tiny bit more slender than the stock tip that came with the soldering iron, but it does not matter, they fit perfectly!
    Make sure you tin your tips the 1st time you heat them up if you want them to last.
    I would definitely buy these again!

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