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  • Overheat

    posted by Tikkipukki

    The "classic" design. Quick replacement of the sting. Rapid heating. Comfortable in the hand, light weight.
    390 ohm resistance heater may overheat so when powered by 220 volts. I think that the soldering iron is made for 110 volts.
    This is my frustration. Soldering iron handy, but much too hot. Perhaps soldering iron is designed for 110 volts.
  • An iron for solderers

    posted by raislasher

    1. Adjustable temperature over a wide range from 200 to 450 degrees Celsius. 2. Long power cord (about 1.5 meters). 3. There is a "crocodile" grounding. 4. Soldering tip - it's a simple cylinder of diameter 4.7 millimeters with a sharpened end, making it easy to find a replacement if necessary. 5. Soldering tip coated for a longer time of service. 6. There is a red LED for operation, when it shines, the heater is turned on, that is, when you turn it shines, and when soldering tip will be heated to the desired temperature, the LED flashes. 7. Quickly heated: the set point of 350 degrees Celsius, the red LED flashes at 3 minutes 30 seconds after switching on. 8. ?old handle. 9. Powered by a 220 volt AC. 10. No large and heavy transformer power supply.
    Cheap and compact soldering iron with tip temperature stabilization.
    Cheap and compact soldering iron with tip temperature stabilization.
  • It works!

    posted by GOD11

    - Makes tin founding easy!- Variable temperature.- Well priced!- Metal casing.
    These soldering pots does not seems to be meant to be used extensively as I have. They malfunction after a while when I leave them one for days and days. But that is expected...
    I have ordered many of these soldering pots, and I am very happe with these. They work very well.
  • Works great... no worries

    posted by morrigu

    I don't use this for soldering, instead, I use this item for melting modeling CX5.This is a good item to do that, because the temperature can be controlled.
    I've used this item for actual soldering a few times and it work well. This soldering iron is very adaptable to use for other things, like wax melting and CX5 because the temperature is adjustable.
    Buy it if you want a soldering Iron with adjustable temperature setting for a good price.
  • Buy it!

    posted by HiVoltage

    I have always wanted a soldering iron with a thermostat but they're too expensive to justify the cost. Not this one, however. It heats up really fast in less than 1 minute (mine measured 68W), and then maintains the temperature. The Medium temperature setting is also very good. It's around 200 Celcius.. just enough to melt solder.
    This is probably the cheapest temperature controlled soldering iron around. For its price, it's really well built, and even exceeds its rating! DX should bring us more products like this.


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