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Every single soldering temperature displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. Join us and enjoy the best discounts around.

soldering temperature Customers Reviews

  • This make a big diference in your solders.

    posted by leopepe

    Very stable temperature. The tip is resistant to the erosion like cooper tips. The normal soldering irons have a very high temperature, that make the tin/lead solder material will degrade.
    The transparent body allows you to see the internal circuit.
    In the first few turns the heather make a horrible smoke irritates the eyes, but after half an hour the smoke disappear.
  • This is a very nice product!

    posted by JeX78

    It heats very fast and its power cord is long enough at least for me.Its temperature control appears to be precise (not against real temperature).Its body dont heat (and mealt) with the metallic part like some models sold here in DX
    The Clip Cable dont appear to be usefull and dont have any indication about his use (for non technicians).
    I hope that I dont need to buy another Soldering Iron too soon.Just going to buy better quality new tips.
  • I like it!

    posted by inspironator

    Adjustment range meets all fine soldering needs.Fine tip allows the most precise soldering jobs easily.
    This is a good choice for the investment. I have no regrets so far.
  • An iron for solderers

    posted by llasher

    Good price for a soldering ironClear case looks coolLight to handle
    I bought this iron on a whim, I have no idea what 40W in this case means, I don't even recognise the validity of Ohm's law or any other physics I learnt at school. I believe in intelligent design, and that sodomites and abortionists will burn in hell. Anyway the case is clear and bright like my book burning group and the end melts solder like Beelzebub's tail. My 20 year old soldering iron is much sturdier hard plastic, so I am a bit nervous holding such a light, almost flimsy, device that converts 240VAC into a super hot element, but it works just as well and has replaced it for most of my duties. As for the US plug, I just bent them to fit into an Australian socket.
    This is a useful soldering iron which I have used a lot, light and not perfectly balanced but for under 10 bucks good value. I will try some of the other ones here and review them. Also check out my review for the fab gas iron I bought from Dx (assuming it gets published).
  • Works great... no worries

    posted by morrigu

    I don't use this for soldering, instead, I use this item for melting modeling CX5.This is a good item to do that, because the temperature can be controlled.
    I've used this item for actual soldering a few times and it work well. This soldering iron is very adaptable to use for other things, like wax melting and CX5 because the temperature is adjustable.
    Buy it if you want a soldering Iron with adjustable temperature setting for a good price.

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