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soldering iron temperature

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soldering iron temperature Customers Reviews

  • This make a big diference in your solders.

    posted by leopepe

    Very stable temperature. The tip is resistant to the erosion like cooper tips. The normal soldering irons have a very high temperature, that make the tin/lead solder material will degrade.
    The transparent body allows you to see the internal circuit.
    In the first few turns the heather make a horrible smoke irritates the eyes, but after half an hour the smoke disappear.
  • I like it!

    posted by inspironator

    Adjustment range meets all fine soldering needs.Fine tip allows the most precise soldering jobs easily.
    This is a good choice for the investment. I have no regrets so far.
  • Adjustable soldering iron

    posted by YourYour

    1. Adjustable temperature over a wide range from 200 to 450 degrees Celsius.2. Long power cord (about 1.5 meters).3. There is a "crocodile" grounding.4. Soldering tip - it's a simple cylinder of diameter 4.7 millimeters with a sharpened end, making it easy to find a replacement if necessary.5. Soldering tip coated for a longer time of service.6. There is a red LED for operation, when it shines, the heater is turned on, that is, when you turn it shines, and when soldering tip will be heated to the desired temperature, the LED flashes.7. Quickly heated: the set point of 350 degrees Celsius, the red LED flashes at 3 minutes 30 seconds after switching on.8. ?old handle.9. Powered by a 220 volt AC.10. No large and heavy transformer power supply.
    U.S. standard power plug, so you need an adapter.
    Cheap and compact soldering iron with tip temperature stabilization.
  • Good device, but with its own drawbacks

    posted by CEPKO777

    Rapid heating. Rubber sleeve allows the hand does not slip and is easy to hold the tool. Rubber spring does not allow the power cord fractures. No heat the place girth.
    Not Enough display mode of heating and slightly longer cord
    Despite some inconvenience is quite convenient to use, pleased with purchase.
  • Excellent buy

    posted by slimest

    The cheapest thing amongst truly temperature controlled solders. This solder has got REAL, TRUE feedback from termocoupling. Whet it gets hot enough according to user adjustment, it swithes off, then on, etc. 60 W is very good power - it heats up very fast and then keeps choosen temperature even you solder something big and heavy.
    DX description says, that the iron has rubber handle. This is not right: it has PLASTIC handle, convenient enough.
    If you buy this soldering iron, buy additional tips right away. The best choice is SKU23446. They are for 40 W model, but actually fit this iron perfect.
    I am really happy with this purchase. Good tool.

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