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soldering iron set

These cool soldering iron set are high quality and at affordable prices. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. Browse the products from 60w soldering iron, or some other related Pages like 40w soldering iron. Your support is our greatest motivation.
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soldering iron set Customers Reviews

  • good gas powered soldering iron

    posted by electronicholas

    - this was actually a good set, not for extended use of course - I got this to keep it in my car for occasional repairing, or fire starting while campingfor other jobs I just use electric one but in the car, I am limited to gas powered
    takes a lot of types of gas, doesn't mind as long as you start it with maximum debit
    i think this was a good deal, don't know if I would recommend to someone
  • good gas soldering

    posted by ex3m0

    - Compact- Soldering tip very good- Excellent the second tip to cut the ropes- Power regulation can be adjusted with the screw
    I also bought SKU 137129 this is much more precise but less robust.
    Very good for all emergency situations, can not miss in your toolbox.If you do not have to do precision work, buy the SKU 137129, it's much more soldi and comfortable even if the soldering tip is a bit too big
  • Cheap Iron Tips worth for what are paid.

    posted by jossdorn

    The price, the quantity and the leght of each Tips are the best in this product.I will have tips to my iron solder for a long time.
    None for a while.
    You get what you pay for. Even with the cons I stated above I am satisfied with this bought. I reccomend the use of a temperature control to prevent oxidation on the tip.
  • perfect for outdoor

    posted by scottyutb

    perfect solder iron for outdoor, offroad, or just without electricity.Flame is regulatableTips are Okay for soldering and with maximum Flame also Okay for Wood/Horn burning ArtsTips are avaliable, if worn-out. But mine are still okay
    Transparent Back would be better for seeing how much Gas is left
    would buy again .
  • Excellent quality tips

    posted by zmeios

    These are soldering iron tips in four different shapes (I personally use just two, the straight very thin tip and the broad heater). Despite the title saying "lead-free", there is nothing pro- or anti-lead in the tips, it all depends on the soldering wire you use.In a soldering tip, the most important characteristic is how well it distributes the heat. I specifically damaged one of mine (one I won't use anyway) to see what's under the steel plating. The actual core is copper! This is really great, and I didn't expect it since copper is so much more expensive than plain steel or aluminum, for example.
    DE should specifically describe that not every tip fits every 60W iron.
    Get them. Copper core means great heat conduction, and the price probably can't be matched ever at your local electronics store.

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