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  • 0.8mm Tin Soldering Wire - Silver (50g)

    posted by rudeboyinc

    0.8mm Tin Soldering Wire - Silver (50g)Whats to say . In Europe this stuff is almost not t be foundIt doesn't state the content but after a test I say the melting point is low so this at least 60/40 with 2% Rosin core
    0.8mm Tin Soldering Wire - Silver (50g)Add the actual content ont he packaging Its doest say anywhere what content lead it has .
    0.8mm Tin Soldering Wire - Silver (50g)Cant be beaten at that price plus uts harder and harder to find locally Here they only sell the hippie solder :(
  • This is good solder

    posted by toalan

    Normally I use SKU: 119948, it is expensive but good quality. DX has other solder that is good but they are thicker, for SMD work I need as thin as possible. I used this today with my metcal iron and it works just as well as the much more expensive 119948 that I normally use. It flows very nicely and quickly.
    Have not used it with non-metcal irons but I suspect it would work equally as well with low cost irons.
    Good solder, good value
  • What to say about solder

    posted by Steiner1000

    I am a generalist and tend to work on a lot of things that need solder. Kids toys, broken wires, working on general electronics.I live in Canada and we don't have any Radio Shacks any more finding solder at a good price is difficult.This product is great and it will be a long time till I run out of solder.
    Came in a bag not in a blister pack. Roll had shrink wrapped plastic on it so good for retail.
    Works well for my needs and cheap.
  • Desoldier

    posted by mccanos

    Cheap solution to remove tin soldiers in electronic circuits
    Recommendable for beginers in the matter
    It can help you to remove soldiers in electronic circuits so it's a must if you like electronic like a hobby. If you are a professional this solution probably will be very poor for you but for novices it's a good solution due to the low price of this item.
  • cheap and good solder

    posted by georulz

    - Very thick and useful for soldering SMD parts and SMD ic's.- Make good and shiny joints.- It has a low melting point at 220 degrees Celsius.- Works very good with 8W 12V soldering iron with car cigarette lighter plug.- A lot more cheaper than my local stores at this thickness and length.- It has flux inside.
    It is not a lead free and no RoHS compliant and it is good.
    0.5mm is a bit thin for general purpose but is perfect for electronic soldering. A good solder for home and work DIY.

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