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  • Great stuff

    posted by Ghlargh

    Surprisingly cheap concidering what every other supplier charges for solder paste.Works like a dream.
    This stuff is fantastic for soldering SMD with hot air, or multi-pad SMD with iron, but you really need to test out it's properties on something cheap before you try to solder something expensive, it is really easy to use too much and get shorts under your components.
    Buy this if you solder SMD, it is just fantastic to work with.
  • A decent basic flux

    posted by fivetrees

    it has a good consistencyNot particularly stinky/acrid if overheatedNo real residue issues if "burned off by extended reworkYou can always reuse the tub when you're doneThis flux gets the job done
    I bought this along with some other fluxes just to compare them, but I really couldn't find much to distinguish this from the other fluxes of this type that I bought on DX
    It does what it is supposed to. A good deal.Be aware that this is a solderING paste (a flux) not a SOLDER paste (solder powder suspended in a flux paste.
  • Nice Soldering Paste

    posted by GordonGecco

    20g of soldering paste to an unbeatable price.
    Good consistency that "tacks" the components to the PCB.
    Nice plastic container with screw on lid.
    This is a solder paste and not a flux, the description from DX is a bit unclear on this in my opinion. The composition of this paste is unknown but I would guess its normal 60/40 or something similar, there is also no information about what flux is used but the sticky residue suggests its rosin based. The consistency is excellent for manual SMD soldering and it’s easy to apply paste to the PCB using a toothpick or other small tool, you could also transfer the paste to a syringe for a more exact dosing.
    Nice price paste for SMD soldering. Unknown composition but will work great for any hobbyist application.
  • Easy to use flux

    posted by GordonGecco

    Easy to use flux in paste/grease form.
    Doesn’t dry out.
    Nice compact metal can.
    This flux is very similar to the "High Intensity Soldering Paste" that can be found at "sku.9160" and I suspect they are both made in the same factory (they also share the same product name: BS-10). This product is based on Zinc Chloride and is intended for hard soldering, making battery packs, soldering wires to large terminals, etc. Being acidic the flux is not suitable for PCB soldering but can be used in a pinch if the flux residue is carefully removed. It’s very important to understand that the residue of these types of fluxes are slightly conductive, not as much as to make a full short but it can cause strange behavior when used with fine pitched digital IC’s.
    Excellent product if used correctly, works great for making battery packs. If you’re careful to remove the flux residue it can be used for PCB soldering but a rosin based flux would be better.
  • Very Good Value

    posted by phenomenal

    Just like a proper soldering paste
    Good value


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