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solder flux Customers Reviews

  • Its flux!

    posted by Criggie

    Its flux, it works great. I have a gas soldering iron which tends to gunk up quickly because it is so hot. A dip of the tip in flux cleans it right up.
    Flux is nasty stuff, and when you poke a hot soldering iron in, it tends to spit. So wear your eye protection.
    This stuff is for low-temp soldering, not silver-soldering or brazing.
    The bottle "oozes" but DX put it inside a clipseal plastic bag which kept it all inside.
    If you solder (or sodder as americans seem to call it) then flux is important. Good enough and cheap.
  • A good fluxation is always appreciated

    posted by TonkaQC

    If you need flux, this works. It's inexpensive. It's probably more than enough to last most casual hobbyists for a very long time. (Most people will probably lose this bottle before the product actually runs out.)
    Make sure you prepare your materials and equipment prior to soldering. A little flux helps, but it is not a panacea for poor preparation.Generally speaking, less is more. Too little flux is better than too much flux. If it doesn't "take", you can always start over.
    Get it its nice and cheap
  • A working Solder Paste

    posted by arcs001

    Even with absolutely no experence in soldering, i was able to use this paste
    For sure this solder paste is very inexpensive
    The paste cames in a good can, that can be closed very well.
    Its is said, that the paste is not toxic, but i deffinitelly dont try it.
    the paste, when warmed turns into a liquid.
    i used a butane jet torch to warm it, i dont know if it is the right way to do this. i bought the torch here in deal extreme, its sku is 7745.
    i dont know if is necessary to use any other product, as a flux, to do this from a proper way.
    I'm just starting to do my DIY (do it your self) devices.
  • good flux

    posted by netzeus

    Liquid flux, no clean, and very precise...so you can apply the flux where you want and with precission, the exact amount, and no excess.Ideal for SMD work, very accurateI used it the first day and I always will use it.perfect to work on IC soldering
    nothing more to comment
    Buy it if you work with SMD, IDEAL
  • good thin solder

    posted by arnoldasgr

    thin60/40 tin/lead alloy not that lead-free rubish( lead boils at 1,750C so smoke comes only from flux!!! and you solder about 400C)has flux in it a lot of it, guarantees long usage time price is really good.quick cool down and hardening timehave many usages, like soldering simple wires or DIY kits
    good item
    great item for price, really useful did not regret buying it. when run out og it going to buy more.not comfortable to use in spool, so i wind some of and use it.


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