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solder flux Customers Reviews

  • It works.

    posted by jefftheworld

    It's solder paste and it's exactly as pictured.
    I've been involved in electronics engineering and soldering for quite a long time and I can't tell the difference between "high quality" solder paste and the stuff I've bought on deal extreme.The price is right, the product works. There's really not much else that can be said about solder flux.The volume I received is, near as I can tell, the advertised amount, and the dimensions on the specification page are accurate to within a couple millimeters.
    Nonetheless, I would absolutely recommend this product for those that need it.
  • Super cheap flux!

    posted by Morten

    Good and really cheap flux for soldering.
    The solution with alcohol lets it flow over the hole soldering place easily.
    Always use in well ventilated places!
    Create a loot of fumes, like all flux'es.
    Makes it possible to add the solder before the actual soldering: just add solder to the objects, then add a drop of flux, and solder: *fssssh* bang nice shiny soldering!
    Very good to solder small close pitched pads, makes the solder flow without bridging.
    Also very suitable for drag soldering!
    Even if you just occasionally do some solder work, this is a very nice thing to have. Makes it easy to solder wires and like.
  • good flux

    posted by netzeus

    Liquid flux, no clean, and very precise...so you can apply the flux where you want and with precission, the exact amount, and no excess.Ideal for SMD work, very accurateI used it the first day and I always will use it.perfect to work on IC soldering
    nothing more to comment
    Buy it if you work with SMD, IDEAL
  • Cheap, high performace, flux paste

    posted by zzGhoStModzz

    great price, if you are just a hobbyist this will last you ages.
    works just like flux is meant too, solder flows like a dream after applying.
    Cap seems pretty solid, nothings coming out so far. Its paste flux and it is pretty thick so it is harder for you to spill it over a pcb or something. Shipping was really decent. Pretty sure this is official AM-tech, well it performs the same.
    If you have never used flux when soldering you will be blown away with how easily the solder flows (especially good with smd work or to old pcb which as oxidized). I used to always get frustrated when solder just wouldn't stick, then I began using flux and I have never looked back. The amount of flux in solder core is not sufficient to most peoples needs.
    Cheap, Works great, reliable brand, free shipping, great quality. No real downside.
  • Cheap Solder, get it.

    posted by HDC44

    -Cheap solder, can't go wrong there. You would normally pay around $10 to $20 for solder similiar to this locally, so this is really a good deal. -For an average "Do It Yourself" person, this solder gets the job done
    -Should have stated the type of solder as some people prefer different types. Lead or no lead? I still don't know. Probably not going to find out. -This would definitely be alot better if there was a thinner size for this solder.
    -If you need solder, get this as it is the lowest priced solder you can ever find.

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