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solar powered led

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solar powered led Customers Reviews

  • excellent stand alone outdoor light

    posted by RolanD39

    100 percent solar powered, no need for power cables. Super easy to install, 2 screws and push a button with a pin thats all.Has a dimmed light at night that is turned on at all times, during the day it turned off. Amazingly enough the dimmed night light can burn all night without emptying the battry
    pricey outdoor light, but a good environmental friendly solution.
  • Nice tent light

    posted by stanmonish

    This is a small lightweight self charging light good for tent camping. Light is bright enough illuminate everything in a tent or small bedroom. It charges in sunlight from solar panel and runs about 2 hours. Can be cranked for several minutes to get good bright light for an additional 15 minutes. Hand crank generator is very useful for over cast days when lamp does not charge well from solar panel. Dynamo feels solid when cranked. Two position light switch also has a good solid feel.
    No instructions included, but did find that there is a jack on the side that can be used to charge the battery. Use only 4.5 volt center pin positive plug to charge the lamp.
    A good value if you need a small lamp to use in the tent or bedroom when power goes out. Will not light up a large camp area so don't expect it do that.
  • Great Outdoor decorations

    posted by matelec

    Easy installation and no power connection required. Uses solar energy from the sun so just mount the solar panel in a sunny place, has 2 mounting options, a peg for ground mount & a bracket that can be mounted to flat surface. Not sure how long the lights go for as have not stayed awake long enough.
    Would get more if they were cheaper
    Great LED outdoor colored lights with no running costs.
  • good but not good enough

    posted by Slasher

    Quite cheap and handy to have if your phone works with it. Environmentally friendly in the sense that it doesn't need alkaline batteries to run, all the power is from the sunlight.
    Works with older phones and newer not-so-power-demanding phones. Unfortunately it didn't work with mine, but never mind
    For the price, I can't really complain, it does what it's meant to do, just check how powerful your phone is before you buy it
  • 6 and months still working

    posted by Miten

    I have had this solar powered LED string out in the weather for about 6 months and most nights it comes on.
    When LED's are flashing it works for hours.
    The Solar panel has enough energy to charge any AA Battery on sunny days.
    Recently I have taken out the supplied 600ma AA battery and replaced it with a 2400ma battery. Now LED's start to Dim after 4 to 5 hours of being on constantly
    For the price this is a good Solar LED string

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