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solar powered flashlight

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solar powered flashlight Customers Reviews

  • Its great

    posted by Americ

    the solar key chain is made up of good quality it is portable and you can also carry it in your pocket with your keys. The flashlight comes with a keychan, so you can put it with your home keys.In dark places it is useful
    You shuold have this little and useful gadget just in emergency case.
    Great product.Buy it
  • No more to buy batteries

    posted by nrh2005

    It has a good, resistant, aluminum-like body. The 10-led light is clear and strong. You will save your money because there's no need to buy batteries neither to spend money in electricity bills because the source energy is the sun.
    If you like to help save the planet, you will like this lantern because you don't need to buy batteries, even the rechargeable ones. It comes from the manufacturer with your own rechargeable lithium battery and the energy source is the sun.
    Despite of the relatively high price, it's worth for the general quality, for the led light and for the solar lantern.
  • I liked this device

    posted by Snark711

    In my opinion, a good charge.I tried to charge my PDA E-Ten x800 and nokia 6320 my wife.superficially looks fairly decent.though I have not tried to charge it from the sun. I used a 200V adapter
    My son dropped the charge from a height of one meterpartially fallen off the back cover, put in place, working properly.
    I do not regret buying.I hope it will be possible to charge my camcorder canon DC50 and walkie-talkie Yaesu-6:)
  • Overall its very useful

    posted by sage50

    Very solid
    I bought this as part of my emergency kid. My area recently had a very long blackout and my old portable radio did not work.I like that this has a series of LED lights and a dyanmo to charge my phone (albeit it will charge very slowly).Any problems you do have with this item in terms of reception etc can be fixed by putting the item in the sun to charge.When it begins to run out of power the following occurs.At first you start to loose audio quality.Then the small LCD screen will not function (but if you juice it up with the dynamo you'll see it.)Lastly what you'll find is that you only get reception for a little while and then static.
    This would be an excellent addition to your emergency kit. Buy it and have it lying around. Its small, portable and much more sturdy than I thought.
  • good flashlight without worrying about the battery

    posted by Sendrey

    +Monolithic housing with a nice soft-touch cover+Bright LEDs (first ~3-5min)+Quick charge from the dynamo (~2-3 min to full charge)+You can forgot about battery, flashlight ready to work always, any time.+Dynamo have quiet pleasant sound, i really surprised, expect more of the loud
    If the manufacturer's engineer read this review: Please do the same flashlight, but with a compartment for the AA or AAA batteries (1 or 2), it is unlikely to be more expensive, but working time increase, the flashlight can work as a battery charger and it will be more repairable.
    In every sense a great flashlight, but why manufacturer put a small nonstandart battery with small capacity?


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