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solar power batteries Customers Reviews

  • good product, but pay attention

    posted by Punkiderma

    Small, with matte finish that helps to catch more solar energy.
    If you want to use it for small things (leds, small electronics) I think it would be ok, but pay attention to electronic device that absorb more energy.
    For the price, I think is a very good product. Very easy to use and mount. I think you’ll need also a voltage regulator to use it at his best.
  • good

    posted by cial44

    This is a very nice gadget for your recharging when you travel. It charges with you usb or electric network and sun. It takes a while to fully load as it is a large battery, but then I can load my phone several times to 100%. Extremely good value for money. As said, the charging itself takes a while to get the full 4 lights led, as in fully charged. But hanging my phone on it, the phone reloads very fast. I also recharged a tablet etc. Charges very well. Reloading by sun is possible....but does take forever, so that's definitely a case of emergency. You can load till one led and recharge your phone. That works brilliantly.
    Value for money. Great product. Can't go wrong with this for you phone. And other energy absorbing things!
  • Save the environment

    posted by alter

    Very compact and light. Completely self contained and versatile! You can charge anything USB off of it. And ofcourse it only uses he sun for power!
    I have so many things that charge with USB it's REALLY handy. Too bad it doesn't seem to have much capacity. Even after letting it charge for 5 days in a row in sunlight, it only charges my mp3 player (which is a 650mah 3.7 volt battery) by 70% before running out of juice. But still good to top up charges on things like pda's and cellphones.
    Very handy, especially paired with a universal USB cable set. Needs better capacity. Saves the environment!
  • Very good!

    posted by Alexbrz1960

    Works very well. Bought to outfit my bike and I was surprised with the ease of installation. Bring everything you need to install and use. Brings two magnets for easy mounting, if you want to place the sensor in the right or left side of the wheel. Works well in the presence of sunlight and retains data for long time without battery.English manual with clear instructions.
    Small but powerful device. I will ask others for gifting.
  • Perfect Gift for Family and Friends

    posted by kurtismccartney

    Solar panel keeps this car going all summer long. Small enough to store, strong enough to step on accidentally.Isn't noisy or obnoxious. Drives itself better than most actual drivers. Turns around when it reaches a wall.
    Box was pretty busted up when it arrived - very thin paper box. Although the car itself was fine.
    Buy it for the kids. Let them learn how to use solar devices.

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