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solar led white

This is our best solar led white, they all share a great design and great prices. DX offers coupons that allow you to enjoy lower prices. You can also browse white led bulbs and neutral white led. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.
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solar led white Customers Reviews

  • Great solar torch!

    posted by believer11

    -Bright LED light-Led light has a plastic protective cover while other solar torch does not have it-There is a switch button where you do not have to hold on unlike other solar torches-Convenient and ease of use-Lightweight and small to carry around-Rechargable battery using solar energy
    Superb solar torch to have, green and clean energy
    Must have! Worth to buy it! I'm planning to buy more of it
  • I like

    posted by gtr2501

    The strength of LED lighting is very good and is great for its size and is very useful solar energy is something that should be encouraged, the LED does not spend much energy is economic not score then you need to leave in preucupar loading.
    Amount paid by the utility of the product and it's worth I do not regret feather that breaks easily and I already broke.I bought 10 keychains with led solar liked very much being weak. The solar panel then it is good with a little creativity can still be usable.
    nothing else
  • Nice Lamp

    posted by alfrep

    - It is easy to install.- It looks beautiful.- It recharges battery automatically with solar power.- It turns on automatically at night.- It turns off automatically at day.
    - I have it for 3 days and it is working perfectly.- I wonder if it would resist rain. I have it my balcony. Build quality is not too good for total outdoor use I guess.
    - Lamp is okey but the light is very poor. And it is not cheap. Buy only as something decorative for garden, a special plant, etc.
  • Big Flashlight, strong light

    posted by Highlander31

    - Ok first than all this flashlight is BIG very big and looks good, the material seems to be aluminium.
    - Compared to other solar flashlights this one got a much stronger like, twice stronger as sku.23805.
    - Is not heavy at all.
    I opened it from behind and I can see three AA glued inside,doesn`t seems to be easy to disarm it more.
    The stronger light for a Solar Flashlight
    Big daddy of solar flashlights
    Is not for car use or to carry it
    I like it.
  • good lamp

    posted by Partisfal

    nice price; really usefull when camping(don't need batteries) the solar panel can become really handy when and you're too lazy to spin it
    more leds would be usefull; I don't know how much time the battery holds, but I think i doesn't need to much time, so it's ok
    good lamp for camping or to keep in home for emergencies ,cheap ,small and practical; recomend it

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