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solar led lamp

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solar led lamp Customers Reviews

  • Very good idea but medium performance

    posted by shacohen

    "Green Enery" :)
    I read more than 3 hours of reading (I think that battery would last longer but i have to go to sleep) easily after 6 hours in the sun.
    Easy to adjust to your specific location.
    Very light weight.
    I you realy need it and you can spare this sum of money buy it.
  • good lamp

    posted by Partisfal

    nice price; really usefull when camping(don't need batteries) the solar panel can become really handy when and you're too lazy to spin it
    more leds would be usefull; I don't know how much time the battery holds, but I think i doesn't need to much time, so it's ok
    good lamp for camping or to keep in home for emergencies ,cheap ,small and practical; recomend it
  • Very good garden lighting

    posted by urki13

    The 3 LED's provide a strong light which ensures a good visibility at night. A couple of this lamps make any other garden lighting redundant.The lamp has a solid housing.The batteries were included.
    The power switch has to be in ON position when charging the batteries. The lamp has an automatic ON/OFF switch which enables the lamp to turn off at day and turn on at night automatically.
    Purchase of the lamp is a bargain. Perhaps that is the reason why they are sold out. I can only recommend it.
  • Splendid

    posted by kaminokorto

    It's so nice to know that you are using something and be able to tell how cheap it is!No power bill increaseNo need to be turning it on and off (it has a sun light sensor that turns it on or off)several modes to work withenvironmental friendly
    resistant to water and the kids love them. Includes a recharcheable battery.
    Happy to have bought them and will use them in the kids room to light it before they go to bed.
  • Cute

    posted by Psyck

    Charges through Solar or USB, however it takes time to charge through solar & only under direct strong sunlight, will not charge in mild/diffused sunlight. Charges in about 3 hours with USB after which it lasts a decently long time, nearly a day. Light activation works & it glows only when surroundings not too bright.
    After the charge starts running out, it goes from three lights mode to a single light mode which lasts for a very long time.
    Definitely worth buying, it will look great anywhere in the house.

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