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solar led black

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solar led black Customers Reviews

  • Splendid

    posted by kaminokorto

    It's so nice to know that you are using something and be able to tell how cheap it is!No power bill increaseNo need to be turning it on and off (it has a sun light sensor that turns it on or off)several modes to work withenvironmental friendly
    resistant to water and the kids love them. Includes a recharcheable battery.
    Happy to have bought them and will use them in the kids room to light it before they go to bed.
  • Very good soft light

    posted by utsab

    No cables required. Two screws to hold it and you are set to go! :)
    It would be nice with a brighter light, but ofcourse i understand that it would drain the solar charged battery in notime, especilly in winter. So i think this is as good as it gets with a low cost solar powered light.
    Very impressed that this small size unit gives light enough for the entrancedoor or for the garage door so you can see where you go and unlock the door without any cables. The solar battery charging seems to work very fine.
  • Bought two to my garden

    posted by deividn

    Built with good material. The light is not very strong, but is itself sufficient to illuminate the wall in my garden.He works alone in the absence of daylight.It has three light functions: Direct light, flashing light, and flashing light at a higher frequency.The cable is long enough and the battery lasts when it's loaded on a sunny day.The price is much lower than the lights of the same kind in Brazil.The solar panels are quite small and discreet and the cables are long.
    I usually leave the solar panel in a location that receives direct sunlight from 14:00 to 18:15 and is enough to stay on until after one o'clock.Bought two and placed as decoration in my garden and was very good.Could have green lights, would be better for the garden.
    I'll post some pictures later.
  • not so cheap but still good

    posted by banin

    I have it up on my balcony and its working fine . you can look all night without any trouble ,it waterproof.and the to build really solid Its start alone when the Sun is down
    I bought 3 more because I need the lightif you need to light some place and you don't want to pay for electricity
    it's what the wolf and it's been a really solidI really recommend it .save electricity and money and you don't need to touch it. it does the job
  • I like

    posted by gtr2501

    The strength of LED lighting is very good and is great for its size and is very useful solar energy is something that should be encouraged, the LED does not spend much energy is economic not score then you need to leave in preucupar loading.
    Amount paid by the utility of the product and it's worth I do not regret feather that breaks easily and I already broke.I bought 10 keychains with led solar liked very much being weak. The solar panel then it is good with a little creativity can still be usable.
    nothing else

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