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You may find that it is quite easy to purchase solar cell panel here and you can save money at the same time. With over 200 products uploaded daily on the DX website, you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for. We try our best to make your shopping experience stress free, so you can have the best shopping experience available.

solar cell panel Customers Reviews

  • Great for simple programs

    posted by Dyrim

    Work well
    Easy to attach to things (hot glue)
    decent power for their size
    Useful for many applications.
    (Even upgrade a calculator to work in low light?)
    I hooked two of these up (in parallel) with a supercap and a couple of leds and a joule thief (google it) and it provides a nice nightlight to sit in the window :)
    also have used them to test relative power of lasers
    Great product, they come in usefull for all kinds of odd projects.
    Worth the $ any day :)
  • Great Solar Panel

    posted by Milen4o

    Contains multi-crystalline silicon cells with a good density ( some solar panel manufacturers put less cells
    and leave large black spaces between them, so this products is ok)
    Has high enough voltage for most applications of 5.5-5.8V under strong sun. Even on cloudy days it will give 4V.
    After measuring the solar cell surface I calculated the max power to be 0.4W ( or max 80mA at 5V ) - very close to the specifications.
    It seems to have weather resistant surface ( resin or epoxy?)
    Correctly placed stickers with "+" and "-" marks
    Due to small variations in voltage during cloudy and sunny days it can be used for variety of DYI projects.
    Also it is easy to get >5.5V and 30mA, so it works for what I got this - I will make a sun powered garden fountain
    with a tiny DC pump.
    Good value for this price and one of the best solar panels here . I definitely recommend it
  • Pretty decent for the price

    posted by Pavouk106

    Good price for the presented parametersWell made, looks indestructible when used with a little careGood and labeled solder pointsHave four of these and all the same quality
    Some measurements: Open circuit voltage 7V, short circuit current 82mA, connected 56 ohms resistor and got 80mA@4,6V. All measured in direct sunlight. There should be image uploaded by me with graphs.
    I couldn't get the presented power from it, but I would buy it again. For the given price, it is prety good.
  • Satisfied

    posted by keklimer

    It's quite small, and easy to use. It gives 5V, just like it says in description. It has no appreciable weight, and it's quite thin.
    Don't have any other thoughts. It's a good product.
    It's a good product, it does what it's supposed to do: give 5,x V when de sun lights. Even if the light is not shinning, you get over 3,x volt when you test it. Satisfied.
  • Low current

    posted by mihaim1980

    It's cheap and the wires are easy to solder on it. It's very small, you can put it everywhere. You can use it as a light sensor using a microncontroller.It's easy to use it. Just drop it in the sun light and it produce voltage.
    Don't buy it!The voltage is around: 2,2VAnd the curent is: 0A!!!!
    It's good bu you must buy a lot to make it usefull! I like them because are very small and you can use it for small application like lamps or another things


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