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soil humidity sensor

You can easily find the latest low priced soil humidity sensor offered at our online shop. DX is an E-commerce online retailer situated in China with more than 100,000 cool gadgets with free worldwide shipping. DX provides the hottest gadgets at the lowest prices.

soil humidity sensor Customers Reviews

  • The most interesting sensor from the last time

    posted by margrilo

    Very simple to use!Very cheap (although you can find cheaper).Well builted!Well documentated!Infinite and simple application!
    This is a very nice sensor. If you have a home garden or a especial flower (like an orchid) that needs full attention, you can automatize processes as irrigationor send signal saying that it needs water.It is made by: http://www.elecfreaks.com/store/octopus-soil-moisture-sensor-brick-p-422.htmland you can find all the documentation over therebasically it provides a analog output.when it's near to 0, means the soil is dry.when it's near to 900, means the soil is moist.I posted some photos for you to check the way i did itit's not necessary any arduino especial library,just basic analogic signal handling
    Buy this sensor if you want to have a home automation projector if you care with your garden/flowers but doesn't have time to keep checking on themtry the website i told you, you can buy it cheaper
  • Very good Humidity sensor

    posted by pucheta

    * Cheap humidity sensor. Great price* Good for use with arduino or in another microcontroller circuit* Robust construction* Easy connect and to use
    * Too much time to arrive :(But maybe that is not fault of DX, is problem with courier.* I have tested the sensor and it seems to work fine. I connected to an arduino and i put the sensor in soil, then i watered the soil. The sensor (through arduino) showed me the changes in humidity value. Very good! :)
    Very good sensor at very good price.
  • okay

    posted by Troncs

    FC-28-C Soil Moisture Detection Control Module + Soil Humidity Sensor - Blueproduct of excellent workmanship. packaged well. running perfectly.
    recommend to all. in site search easily think about the tutorial script to compile this function. It's a a great deal. The price is excellent for a original board and you. The shipment was fast, I got it within 1.5 weeks. It was packaged in a carton box within a bubble wrap envelop. No damage during shipment whatsoever.
    Good deal.
  • Excellent product

    posted by dicoy

    It has an excellent sensibility and the overall price/quality ratio is the best!
    it may take you a while to calibrate it well. try waiting 5-10 minutes before sensing to let the humidity spread evenly through the soil when calibrating to your requirements
    The best choice for humidity sensoring in a plant pot. It is relatively easy to build, but the price is so low that it's not worth the effort. This is my first purchase on dx.com and most likely will not be the last :)

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