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You can easily find the latest low priced soft piano offered at our online shop. DX is an E-commerce online retailer situated in China with more than 100,000 cool gadgets with free worldwide shipping. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.

soft piano Customers Reviews

  • Good as a toy

    posted by fredericofqd

    A very good toy. As it is flexible, it does not suffer much if kids sit or step over it or do thing like that (you can never know what a kid will do with a toy). Sound is OK, you can choose some different instruments. Price is a little high, but comparing to Brazil, it's nice.
    Nice toy. Ideal for small children as it is flexible (can craw, sit step over) and even kind of waterproof, as it is still working after receiving a very large ammount of baby saliva. The rigid box, where the speaker is in, is kind of fragile and not so very well built.
    Ok for small to midsize children. It is a nice toy, but not a nice piano.
  • Great portable piano!

    posted by MrNoLife

    This piano is a really great portable piano even though it's sometime a bit hard to play on the soft silicone touch tangents. I like that it have so many sound effects and rhythms and drum kits, and that it even comes with melodies/songs.
    I’ve experienced once that a tangent didn’t work, and I’d freaked out, BUT I’ve found out how to fix it! If it should happen, try to: Turn on the piano -> (the tangent doesn’t work) -> Press + or – to change the tone -> Try the tangent now. (It should work, worked on my piano)
    To the price, even though the soft silicone touch –thing is a little bit hard to play on (this is just a habit); I think that this piano is really cheap. Particularly because of its MIDI exit hole. Whit this MIDI to USB (sku: 110980) for only 6 dollars, you can record everything you play on your piano in to a computer. I then recommend Garage band in MAC.
  • a very good flexible design and interesting toy

    posted by Galinap

    a very good flexible design and interesting toy. On baby gift just fine. To be honest, even the little play. Highly recommend to all. Excellent product for good money. Workmanship is good. Sound too good.
    It works, so far no problems have been found
    A neat package. For a gift bad when package is damaged, as if someone was eating her. Include the supplied power adapter and battery
  • It is a perfect case. I honestly loved it!

    posted by bhgrahl

    It is a perfect case. I honestly loved it! The color is pretty vibrant. The material is sturdy and fits perfectly on the phone. I won many accolades using it, because it is a very different case. Protects your phone against enough bumps and scratches. Very easy to take and put. I have other cases that whenever I take them off the phone it feels that I will break my fingernail.
    It is a perfect case. I honestly loved it! Very easy to take and put.
    It is a perfect case. I honestly loved it!

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