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  • The Real Soft Focus Effect

    posted by gkojadinovic

    The filter creates interesting dreamy effect - the real one, not just cheap post-production effect. No need to smear jelly (grease) or strech nylon stockings over lens anymore! Easy installation and use.
    The filter blurs the highlights in the scene while retaining sharp edges and successfully eliminates skin blemishes and flaws. REMEMBER: just the effect itself will not make a great photo.
    Common in glamour and wedding photography because it recalls the photos shot with old lenses.
  • Nice airsoft googles

    posted by netrph

    Very nice looking and mirror styling.
    Tested with airsoft guns and it really resisted the shot.
    The string is very confortable and has a small adjust level.
    I'm wearing for wargames and it gets a little cloudy inside but nothing I wouldn't expect.
    For the price it's a real deal. Wouldn't find it anywhere else for half it's cost.
  • Quite good for portrait shoot

    posted by yoyoindrajaya

    This filter will soften the focus which is good for portrait photo-shoot.Built quality quite good.
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    For those with tight budget, I am happy with this item
  • Does as promised.

    posted by stevegek

    It's a nice product. It's not super handy but there are a lot of situations where this lens may add to your pictures. Especially when you're not a photoshop guru.
    What does it do? It softens the image. Great for: glows, and portraits. It makes skin look softer and thus small wounds will be less in the spotlights. Also people will tend to look a tad younger. Nice to experiment with, you may like it.
    Effect can be achieved in photoshop but still it's nicer this way. It gives a bit of blur but somehow remains it's sharpness.
    Great product to experiment with and it may come 'n handy in certain cases. Especially when shooting furry cute things/animals or people who need a softer skin..
  • A fun filter for some purposes

    posted by Zsolt82

    Good build quality, can take other filters on top. Cheap filter, sometimes useful for a 'different' look. Creates dreamy pictures, mostly used for portraits. High contrast areas, sharp contours benefit most from the effect.
    Use it wisely, lack of sharp focus can be quite annoying; for me at least.
    Like with all effects, it has its uses and by trial and error you'll discover yourself which those are ;)Maybe for most people it'll be much more convenient to just add the effect afterwards (non-destructive) in PS, than having to screw on a filter. If you don't like fiddling too much with your pictures (like me), than this is an excellent solution.

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