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socket 10 Customers Reviews

  • very rigid construction, standard footprint

    posted by pmeslin

    Ridiculously low price for those plugs and a tight fit. USB connectors are held very firmly in place and there is no give or play. The footprint is also bog-standard for vertical twinned USB connectors so there's no worries about having to tweak PCB designs to accomodate any quirks.
    A perfect match for small batches of custom USB adapters, chargers or other DIY projects.
  • Good connectors at a good price

    posted by AlekseyEnergo

    Good price for the unit, but it could be lower.
    Price is not the lowest but not very bad, found in stores less expensive options in the same capacity. So that is where the seller is level. It is still recommended to purchase as well as the low price is not common. And here it is well below Most of the competitors. Bent legs easily rectified with tweezers, so it's not terrible delivery, but you have to consider it.
    Good connectors at a good price
  • Nice Power Socket

    posted by FredericoRamos

    It is not the best socket I ever seen but It will serve to the proposit It is meant for.
    Did not tested to 10A but looking to the metal structure I think It will be appropriate.
    If you are in a contry like mine (Brazil) where some stupit people changed totaly the standarts for plugs, you will need this for your DIY projects. I like to make some panels to control my stuff and these are handy.
  • Good

    posted by ShadowLight

    Good product, quality ok. Easy to solder and plastic doesn't melt when soldering. And cheap !The schematic is quite common, easy to find on the Internet. I even found a corresponding schematic in DipTrace to design my board so that's great !
    I didn't try the leds cause I don't need them. And you can easily break the connections if you need to solder on a board not designed for leds.
    Quality is ok I guess, it's just a piece of plastic with metal after all...Does its job!Buy it, cheap and useful for diy or repairs :)
  • The best replacement for RCA

    posted by Trozze

    These are really great when you are about to replace those old RCA jacks that have started to corrode or rust. They got one ground leg and one center, a lot of other rca jacks are having either two ground or two center, which isn't standard on smd RCA jacks.
    Overall great
    Get them, if you are about to change RCA jacks!

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