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  • It's fun to play with!

    posted by proque007

    Well this is a fun item to have. You can slide it behind a heavy piece of furniture or under the fridge to look for lost things.. I think you will find lots of place around the house to explore.
    Fun and interesting but not always useful.
    Get if for fun. If you need to do careful inspections of pipes and such, maybe you should consider a better option.
  • Useful and a Good value. Get one!!

    posted by clavius

    Unit is pretty much just as described. It works great and has surprisingly good video for a 640x480 camera. Build quality is quite good with no obvious defects. Light level is adjustable with a knob on the USB plug. Has good close-up magnification, so it can be handy for use as a sort of microscope as well.
    I have found this really handy for things like reading the markings on IC's and SMD electronic components. My kids have had a ball with this poking it into spaces in the walls and behind things to find bugs and stuff. Would be fun to push this into a mouse hole or between rocks to find critters who live in there.The USB plug is large, so is a bit in the way on a laptop. I simply plugged it into a cheap USB 12" extension cable. That gets the light adjustment away from the computer and makes it a bit more convenient.
    This is well worth the cost and has lots of interesting uses. I have not tried the "waterproof" feature of mine, though it looks to be well sealed and should work OK.
  • usefull

    posted by bussemann

    variable built in illumination, not IR, full color picture, plug and play, literally.
    I have not tested it in water yet, so I can't vouch for its sealing.
    great value for money,
  • Nice to have tool

    posted by oh2lnm

    Easy to use, just plug it in and you're ready to go. This goes for Windows XP, other OS'es might be different. Attached software added some features which can be useful to tune up the picture. Still I have not seen any major use for that.- decent build quality- IP rating most likely less that IP6x- seems to be plug-and-play
    I have been using this to check pipelines and water drains. It will get the job done.
    if vga resolution is fine and you do not expect it to be IP6 rated, go for it. You might find some missing stuff behind the livingroom bookshelf :-)
  • Works out of the box on Linux

    posted by jduehj

    It's UVC 1.0 compliant and therefore it works out of the box on any modern Linux distribution.This means that finding drivers for the device wont be a problem in the future which is nice.The build quality is better than expected and the auto-focus is doing a decent job.
    Use the Videolan (VLC) client to open the video stream.There is a small snapshot-button on the device but that does not work on Linux. However, you can still take snapshots using the screen-shot function in VLC.
    Great value/cost ratio.

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