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snake camera 7m Customers Reviews

  • Good camera for the price

    posted by vipahhh

    * Long cable* LED power adjustment is on the USB plug so that you can have the possibility of using all the cable length to examine things.* Small camera head* A small 90 degree mirror is included
    Haven't tested if the waterproofing works good yet.Quality feels ok but time will tell how good it works.It was hard to remove the protective film from the 90 degree mirror. It almost looked like it was broken first.
    LED power adjustment is on the USB plug and small camera head makes this a good product.
  • Good product!!

    posted by Tonydd

    I use this to see inside walls to help fish cables. It is small enough to easily fit in a 3/16 inch hole by itself, or tapped to a fish stck through a 5/8 inch hole. It has excellent resolution, and the light is an absolute must for these.
    It has also helped me find lost objects, and check venting systems. I also use it to look inside electrical boxes up and down for cables that have fallen out. This cam easily fits through the small holes in the electrical boxes.
    I'm not sure how I got the job done without it! It has easily paid for itself the first day. To see inside a wall before drilling or to help snake a cable through is very valuable to me
  • Good Camera, Good Resolution, Leds Bright Could be Better Cable isn't Rigid

    posted by lasnel2

    Camera is good for recording inside small objects. The Leds have control of Brightness and it is very easy to use. Im my Laptop with Win 7 Starter, the driver was installed without cd's or any other downloads.The program that is provide in a cd, doesn't need to be installed. Pc beginners user may have some difficult to configure, but it isn't so hard.The package used was good too.
    The 7m of cable are good for verifying tubes, pipes and other, but the cable is too much soft. To insert de cable you may want to attached to another cable with more rigidity.Could be cheaper, but the quality is good.
    I think this camera will work for my proposes. I'll probably attach a cable or a wire more rigidity so i can point my camera to the spots i need to film.
  • Fulfill the expectations

    posted by MacGaiver

    Easy to use, i used on Windows 7, just plug the camera an use any webcam program.The light can be adjusted with a switch on the USB conector.It came with a hook, a magnet and a mirro, maybe to catch smalls objects, i haven´t used it.
    haven´t tested it under water.
    Nice gadget, it will help-me to see some places that are dificult to reach in my house.
  • Nice product

    posted by sompse

    Easy to get working, drivers was installed automatically in windows 7 64bit. No problem in normal use. Cable long enough 7m. Really small size.
    Could have more fucntions in software side
    Good product, easy to get working. Fun to work with. Nice in car diagnostics. Nice in air condition pipe diagnostics...........................

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