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  • Easy to use

    posted by Katzoja

    Very small and compact camera, cheap too. Diameter only 10mm. LED illumination is sufficient for minor jobs.Just load the webcam program from the CD and put the device on USB port and you are in business. Very useful in home and industry, perhaps you could use this item also in medical enviroment. You can also use this instrument as a microscope, and if you have some optical instrument at handy, you might use this item together with it.
    It would be nice if you could use another lens with this equipment. And it would be good to have a couple more leds to get more light, if you use this item in dark places.
    There is nothing wrong with this equipment. If you have to check some difficult to see structure, here is the solution.
  • tested and works fine on Linux

    posted by kiwibum

    This is a great little camera, the end is tiny at 7mm diameter which is only about 3mm larger than the cable. The LEDs are bright and easily adjusted in brightness by the small wheel on the plug. Works perfectly on Linux since it's a UVC standard device, just viewed it with VLC using "Capture Device" input. Only tested looking round lounge and in my ear, works fine.
    Not sure how water proof it is and wont be testing this until I actually need to use it on a drain. Appears to be well made and will be fine for the intermittent use I need it for. Mainly got it for attaching to a cable rod to check the way is clear to run a cable in the ceiling at the apex of my garage. This will save a lot of time checking the area is clear to get a cable through without having to pull the roof off!
    Perfect for the price and if it works (which looks like it will) just once to do the job it was bought for it is worth every cent.
  • Good Camera, Good Resolution, Leds Bright Could be Better Cable isn't Rigid

    posted by lasnel2

    Camera is good for recording inside small objects. The Leds have control of Brightness and it is very easy to use. Im my Laptop with Win 7 Starter, the driver was installed without cd's or any other downloads.The program that is provide in a cd, doesn't need to be installed. Pc beginners user may have some difficult to configure, but it isn't so hard.The package used was good too.
    The 7m of cable are good for verifying tubes, pipes and other, but the cable is too much soft. To insert de cable you may want to attached to another cable with more rigidity.Could be cheaper, but the quality is good.
    I think this camera will work for my proposes. I'll probably attach a cable or a wire more rigidity so i can point my camera to the spots i need to film.
  • Useful and a Good value. Get one!!

    posted by clavius

    Unit is pretty much just as described. It works great and has surprisingly good video for a 640x480 camera. Build quality is quite good with no obvious defects. Light level is adjustable with a knob on the USB plug. Has good close-up magnification, so it can be handy for use as a sort of microscope as well.
    I have found this really handy for things like reading the markings on IC's and SMD electronic components. My kids have had a ball with this poking it into spaces in the walls and behind things to find bugs and stuff. Would be fun to push this into a mouse hole or between rocks to find critters who live in there.The USB plug is large, so is a bit in the way on a laptop. I simply plugged it into a cheap USB 12" extension cable. That gets the light adjustment away from the computer and makes it a bit more convenient.
    This is well worth the cost and has lots of interesting uses. I have not tried the "waterproof" feature of mine, though it looks to be well sealed and should work OK.
  • Good product!!

    posted by Tonydd

    I use this to see inside walls to help fish cables. It is small enough to easily fit in a 3/16 inch hole by itself, or tapped to a fish stck through a 5/8 inch hole. It has excellent resolution, and the light is an absolute must for these.
    It has also helped me find lost objects, and check venting systems. I also use it to look inside electrical boxes up and down for cables that have fallen out. This cam easily fits through the small holes in the electrical boxes.
    I'm not sure how I got the job done without it! It has easily paid for itself the first day. To see inside a wall before drilling or to help snake a cable through is very valuable to me


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