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smooth reflector Customers Reviews

  • not bad, but not great

    posted by ksanjose

    I have a really old 6D Maglite that has a serial number with no alpha preceding it. It has a three-part switch which made the mod about 20 minutes total. The reflector is a little too thick, so it's either mill the reflector or the head. I chose the head since I have an extra.
    Very tight center spot, wide spill.
    Maybe a good buy for the price. Still underwhelmed.
  • Bright Drop In

    posted by heng84

    Bright.. Easy to use, comes with two reflectors personally i prefer the smo because its obviously brighter and and more throw, and the beam is pretty sweet too just be extra careful when you switch the reflectors and make sure ur emitter is centered to the dome when you are tightening or else you will scrap the dome of the led off.
    good stuff just hope that the driver can be drived harder. nice beam too
    much cheaper than its competitor if u know who.. its bright but not those kind of wow brightness
  • It worth the price

    posted by gabomarques

    It is made with a sturdy plastic and very reflective electroplating. The shape seems perfectly parabolic, as the focus of my home made cree flashlight is a small circle even pointing at a wall 50m far. The informed dimensions are very precise.
    I have no idea about how long it will take to oxidize - the metal plating (silver I suppose) is exposed to air. But so far so good.
    I got what I expected, for a good price.
  • A good item

    posted by dryncho

    This reflector will not go beyond expectations but still it provides reasonable light focusing when your emitter can't keep from shedding light all around - the illuminated area remains satisfactory within the reflector's cone of about 90 degrees (check uploaded image sample).Since it's plastic it could be easily grinded if you need a few more mm in the hole - I used a sharp blade to cut few tiny pieces to make it fit.
    The price is a bit high for this kind of product but not a great problem as you'd rarely need one of these. And apparently for this same reason if you happen to need many, DX will get you a good discount.
    It's as good as you'd expect from a coated plastic reflector.
  • Great little P60 Dropin

    posted by FuriousCorpse

    Pulls 2.2amps (@Tailcap) from my Sanyo 2600mAh 18650sVery Bright, Good Throw with very nice wide hotspot (12"@6ft).Perfect single mode drop in for P60 host.Good reflector, no marks.
    Gives a nice sized well defined hotspot due to the smooth reflector,edge of corona and (the little amount of) flood have a slight purplish colour tinge.
    Great little update for a P60 host, Fitted to a WF-501B host, it needed foil wrapping to transfer heat well, about the hottest thing id put in a 501B.Not too far off specs so Im happy

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