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smoking rechargeable electronic cigarette

It's very convenient for you to find the smoking rechargeable electronic cigarette you want at our online shop. DX is the leading electronic products provider in the world where millions of people shop daily. Rest assured by shopping at dx.com.
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smoking rechargeable electronic cigarette Customers Reviews

  • Cheap alternative

    posted by Lenneke

    I wanted an ecig to take with me on a business trip to the forest.The battery lasted for 2 days this is even more then my orinal ecig that costed me (€99)The case is handy, everything fit's nice and stays in it's place!
    This thing is better then my expencive original ecig!!!!
    Long battery lifeNice case with a good fitCheap
  • the best so far

    posted by mausaka

    the best so far. ive tryied many different "cheap" electronic cigarettes, and after a few weeks, this is the last standing working fine.
    - 2 of 2 ordered working. some other models came with 50% or even 70% of non working kits.
    - really cheap.
    - to me, it does what it has to do. if i have enough refills, i dont have to smoke real cigarettes anymore.
    buy at least two of them. and keep in mind that if you are a heavy smoker, it will take a lot of refills. to me, i use about 3 or 4 in a day.
    ive tryied a lot of different flavors, and liked them all.
    just pay attention to the size, becaus there are 3 different refills diameters.
    great option to the real cigarettes
  • Great product and good quality!

    posted by lekreator

    - Good quality cigarette and refills
    - The light of the cigarette is really cool!
    - It produces good amount of smoke
    - The taste of the original refill simulates well the taste of common cigarette
    - The pack of cigarettes actually looks like a pack of cigarette. It is made of heavy paper
    - The product came well packed and sealed in plastic, no marks, no stains or any sign of use
    - It's easy to use the charger, simply pull the plug on the bottom of the packet
    - It came with illustrated instruction manual
    The refills seem to last a long time. For those who want an alternative to normal cigarettes worth buying this product
    The price is attractive, but I think it might cost a little less, because there are other similar brands with lower prices. The taste of the cigarette is nice, actually looks like a cigarette. The refill it came in the pack seems to last long and has the same color of a cigarette.
    This cigar is heavier than normal cigarette, but after a while you get used to smoking with weight.
    Finally for those who want to quit smoking this product is a good thing. Smoke production is very good and simulates smoking a tobacco cigarette.
  • Quit smoking now

    posted by Nickname1960

    Great and cheap way to stop smoking, it needs some time to get used to it. But once you got the hang it is easy.
    This item will help you to get rid of them smelly cigarettes, it is also much better for your health.
    Just buy one if you want to quit smoking , this item will save you lots of money too. Your doctor will also be happy because your lungs are kept healthy . . .
  • Cigarette

    posted by echo2011

    Very low price. In Russia for such product the price more than 50$. Excellent quality. Makes impression of expensive goods. To give up smoking the given cigaret hardly will help but to smoke with places where to smoke it is forbidden it is possible without problems. Doesn't create a smell. It is enough nicotine. It is a lot of cartridges on replacement.
    At this price the best offer. If will order won't regret. Without problems it is charged from usb.
    Fast delivery. Very low price. The excellent goods for small money. Order-not will regret.

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