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  • nice E-cigartte and durable!

    posted by Drpilinga

    good taste, like real cigarette, load quickly and can transports in a pocket
    this is fundamental also cigarette smoking cessation, especially if you have children or pets and do not want to harm the health of the nearby .. very rich taste, odorless and healthy! very portable and over like a real cigarette .. good flavor with many flavors to choose from, in addition to their low price. do not buy it you will regret.
    with this product you quit seriously and once and for all
  • Nice e-cig to start with.

    posted by davemac01

    This was my introduction to e-cigs and I think it was a good taster.I moved onto an oil based unit after trying these for the first month.
    You will find yourself looking at a more expensive option almost immediately if you find that this is for you.If you don't then you haven't spent a big wad of cash.
    Good intro to vaping without having to pay the large money for an oil based unit. If you want to try vaping then give this a shot first. It will easily tell you if this is something that will assist in you giving up the smokes. They do help, although I think I may be addicted to these now!! The menthol I think is the most satisfying but that’s a matter of opinion and everyone will have a preference based on the type of cigarette you smoked (and how many) anyway. I’ve spoken to lots of people who have found these a great way to stop smoking cigarettes. The issue here is that the jury is still out on these as a “healthy” option. Some constructive data would help here but it does seem to have the cigarette companies shaking in their boots. Why else would they be supporting campaigns against e-cigs.
  • Great for the price

    posted by cpu102

    It's really cheap compared to other disposable electronic cigarettesGreat taste
    It's cheaper compared to $10 logic disposables and it has a better minty tasteThe atomizer is very weak so I wouldn't recommend taking large hits on it. I took Five huge hits with it one hit immediately after another hit and the atomizer burnt out. I know for sure that it burnt out since the light still turned on and when I took it apart I accidentally squeezed out the "juice".
    It's really good for the price, and it will last a few days. I purchased three and I still have two. The atomizer is very fragile so I wouldn't recommend taking too many large hits at once.
  • Supper E-sigaret

    posted by Gdaivier

    Verry cheap 3.60$ unbetable priceLast alomost one day on one battery charge.Easy to use.perfect weight and balance.Feels just like a real sigaretno bad smel :)
    if you buy this product buy some more atomizers so that you can use diferent tasts at the same time, i like mint bud not for 24 hours i like to change
    For the esigaret starter this is a great product.Just buy, you wont regret it
  • the best so far

    posted by mausaka

    the best so far. ive tryied many different "cheap" electronic cigarettes, and after a few weeks, this is the last standing working fine.
    - 2 of 2 ordered working. some other models came with 50% or even 70% of non working kits.
    - really cheap.
    - to me, it does what it has to do. if i have enough refills, i dont have to smoke real cigarettes anymore.
    buy at least two of them. and keep in mind that if you are a heavy smoker, it will take a lot of refills. to me, i use about 3 or 4 in a day.
    ive tryied a lot of different flavors, and liked them all.
    just pay attention to the size, becaus there are 3 different refills diameters.
    great option to the real cigarettes

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