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The smoking electronic cigarettes oil your looking for is one of our top sellers. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. DX provides the best online shopping service for you.

smoking electronic cigarettes oil Customers Reviews

  • Super simple and Cheap.

    posted by Hiddus

    Super easy to use.Nice thick smoke.Strawberry tastes lovely.Very cheap.Looks and feels sturdy.
    Many people (including smokers) are very enthousiastic about this product.I recieved a high density tar oil instead of a low density oil.The high density oil is a little too strong for me, because I like to smoke this almost constantly. It gives me a little light headed feeling. The low density however is too weak. So I might have to try and find some medium density flavours.
    Great product, I would recommend it to others.
  • cheap and easy to use

    posted by liamhodgy

    creates lots of smoketastes greatlasts for hours without having to charge great packaging
    works straight out of the box, very nice packaging, the flavoring i would recommend would be the strawberry it really does taste if not exactly the same but very close to the real thing
    would recommend to anyone to buy, cheap, easy of use, tastes how it should,the battery lasts for hours on end same with the e liquid
  • high quality for a good price, good for beginners

    posted by nicugirnet

    Very good cigarette, high quality of materials and production, the container is very easy to refill and the level of liquid in it is easy to observe. It produces a consistent and dense enough cloud of "smoke", fully replacing a usual cigarette.
    maybe the company, producing this cigarette, could provide also a small portcigar, or a small, one place "cigarette" "pack", for daily carrying in a pocket or purse.
    I recommend it as it is a good product to start with, my gf already stopped smoking usual cigarettes and only smokes this cigarette for more than a month already! The tobacco stench is already long forgotten!
  • Great e-cig

    posted by Aikku

    -Good quality atomizer-Lots of vapour-Comes with a small and a large tank-Very presentable
    I received a bottle that most definitely was not mint. I'm fairly certain it's 'USA Mix' from the taste. Nicotine level appears to be about 18 or less mg/mL. Atomizer is identical to that of an ego-T, just smaller compartment.
    As long as you don't mind the loose cart, this e-cig is amazing.
  • excellent product

    posted by akyazili

    product quality and the price was excellent.easy to use.tobacco tastes good. Thank you for supplying this product.
    Thank you for supplying this product.better to have a short duration of supply.
    Thank you for supplying this product.Thank you for supplying this product.Thank you for supplying this product.Thank you for supplying this product.Thank you for supplying this product.

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