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You will be surprised our best smoke water with an artful design and an amazing price. Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. What are you waiting for? Buy now!

smoke water Customers Reviews

  • Pretty good quality

    posted by filgatti

    - It's a really good pipe, I'm totally satisfied with it.- You can put a fair amount of tobacco on it and smoke it for a good time.- It's pretty easy to clean it.- It's very cool and beautiful, some friends are jealous that I have it.- It's made of cooper and the recipient is plastic, so you don't need to be worried about breaking it.
    The quality is pretty good for its price, but maybe they could make it a bit better.I know you can't complain because of the price, but this is just other thought of mine.
    I would really recommend to any of my friends to buy it. It's a very useful and cool pipe.
  • First water pipe. Best one I've used

    posted by sentinelxs

    Bowl size is perfect.
    Practically the best, the smallest, and most portable water pipe on the site.
    This is a great water pipe. Got mine today and the first draw was magnificent. Smoke was thick and white ;)
    Get it. its cheap, build quality is great and, its free shipping too.
  • Sweet

    posted by Boomboy

    Probably the cheapest water-pipe that you will find on the net.
    Easy to use, easy to fill, easy to clean.
    Mmmmmmmm Water Pipe.
    really sucks
    but its all good cause this item is the shit.
    Cheap and Fun.
  • Great way to smoke

    posted by bfunk11

    Very easy to use, and looks nice and old fashioned. It is a lot easier to smoke since it really does filter out the ash. Also a very low price.
    Use pop or something instead of water for a cooler experience. Should have bought more as they make the perfect gift.
    These are cheap and uncommon, so go for it! Also recommend buying more than one because you can gift them, and they are cheap, so might as well!
  • useful and practical

    posted by BashCZ

    -simply great!-holds the cigarette well-even holds the water inside! (you dont have to put it out when putting in in your pocket or backpack, even though it is better to use fresh water for every use)-make you smell less after a smoke-is as small as cell phone keyboard :)
    not every smoker will enjoy smoking a cigarette through this, it makes the smoke colder when entering mouth but changes the taste a little, (you definetly cant smell the plastic though!) but it is not the same...
    very usefull product, i use it when i dont want to smell from the tobacco

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