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  • product quality and cost-effective

    posted by Roquecm

    beautiful color tone, very similar to xenon.high brightness.easy application.
    a tip. when installing, a crumpled wire in contact because if you leave it as it came may have some bad contact.
    I recommend the product and ja conprei few more for some friends who loved the color and the high btilho that led. One tip I leave here is that during installation, the wire opens the contacts a little kneading to prevent the LED stay with bad contact.I installed my flashlight in my car and was very beautiful.
  • good light lamp

    posted by gigazman

    This Led Light lamp is very bright.It is the second time a bought a lamp from this brand "Lexing" and I'm not disappointed !I don't have any tools to mesure, but 500lm is not far from the truth. The product is not getting hot, contrarly to what I thought... Compared to my Philips 860lm led light, the "Lexing" is defenitivly cold !
    Could be cheaper, but do his job. I recommand this product.
  • Seems to be good for 12V AC

    posted by turtle44

    Good light. Good price...Comes in a box with plastic formed protection for the bulb...Protection is effcient: the box was scratched, but the light works well !Seems bright enough.Suits well in the GU4 socket...No sparkles (With Pulmann system)...OK for 12V Alernative Current...
    Tested in France.If you want to test, you won't give too much money for it.That's what I did, and I think I will order some others...
  • Not bad

    posted by djinkyman

    It has a bridge rectifier (AC-to-DC) so that you can use it directly in a standard 12V AC-powered halogen fixture without any flickering - no need to buy a DC power supply.
    It is just a little bit weaker than half the strength of what you get from a normal 20 watt halogen bulb. This is amazing for consuming just a 20th the power, of course. Would be nice to have this exact product but at 2W and a little bit warmer color temperature.
    Not really strong enough for replacing your desk lamp, but then again they consume just 1 watt, so these are ok for simple lighting along the floor in f.e. a hallway or something, or some night-light that doesn't have to illuminate a room.
  • Warm light without being yellow

    posted by peecee123

    Light of approximately 3300 Kelvin. Even with a power consumption of 48W max it is a powerful light source.Price is nearly half the price of the same product in Denmark.
    The silicon/plastic layer was broken on my LED strip in the joint between the two rolls. I got a 5$ credit, but still. The joint is very fragile and I don't think that i am the only one with this problem.
    Great for indoor/outdoor lighting projects. I don't think that is can stand endless amount of water, but it is sufficient to withstand a humid environment.

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