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smd led meter

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smd led meter Customers Reviews

  • Great LEDs at a great price

    posted by Atom

    + High quality RGB LEDs with high output.+ Small controller with 12V standard jack power connector.+ Transformer (110~240V / EU plug)+ Waterproof SMD LEDs+Cuttable every 3 LEDs about 6cm per segment.+ Remote with 10 brightness levels (white) and effects+ On/Off via remote.+ Remembers last state over power loss.
    The previously ordered Colorful Light Flexible Strip (SKU 41522) came with much better controller which didn't shut itself down after 30-45 minutes due to overheating of the driver transistors. I opened it up and replaced the driver transistors with TIP120 med-power darlingtons with small heat sinks and it's been fine since.
    The controller is really just a bonus considering the great price on these LEDs. And with a little effort it can be made to work properly.
  • Awsome Lighting for Boat deck

    posted by TrueBlueAussie

    Very Bright easy to use, can be cut into different lengths. Flexable making it great for round or contoured things.For the amount of light/wattage - power it uses exellent.Has given me thoughts to light up other things eg. Caravan,Car,Shed, Walldrobe .......
    Very Happy, exellent product. Thinking now to use on my Caravan and more.
  • Good product

    posted by lspaula

    Good buid quality. High intensity bright leds. Plastic isolated ribbon. Extra buttons with effects. Really tiny control box.
    Should increase decrease R, G and B colors intensity individually, then, using the 8 bits internal D/A, around 16k colors should be possible. Caution with the power consumption. It consumes around 1.1A when the WHITE mode is on. Use a 12V/1.5A power source. The box have inscripted that the maximum current rating is 6A. I am buying 3 extra units to try around 4.5A.
    Good product. Buy it. You'll be very satisfied.
  • Well worth the money

    posted by Electrolonnie

    Great string of lights for the price. The LEDs are very bright! What the add doesn't point out is it also comes with an IR controller.
    As I mentioned the LEDs are bright. Primary colors (RGB) are solid but secondary colors tend to strobe a little. White looks a little pinkish up close but at a distance colors blend into a more natural white.
    I'm buying another string.
  • Decent

    posted by Schneizel

    Warm light! I used 4m of this to mix with 6m of ~6000K led strips. Produces a decent blend, warmer than fluorescent light.
    As described, it is 48W for the whole 10m. It might be slightly lower due to resistance of long wires or if you're using long strips but doesn't affect performance much.
    Comes with mounting tape at the back. Easily stick on walls.
    Buy it if you wanna change your lighting at home to LEDs.

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