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Welcome to our smd led car bulbs online shop. As your loyal companion, you'll find thousands of cool gadgets here at DX. You can find what you want at 24 leds car bulbs, car led bulb yellow. DX is the world leader in electronic gadgets.
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smd led car bulbs Customers Reviews

  • My Chevy's got a COOL parking lights!

    posted by Zvonko

    -easy to install (took me 6-7 min.)-bright white light-not polarity sensitive (at least for 1-2 seconds)-BC doesn't show any error code when these are installed-build quality is good, not perfect, but OK
    I hope that my "heaters" (H4 incandescent) will not melt them.
    Cool product, could be a little cheaper. But it's a fair price! Because, in my contry it is impossible to boy these at this price.Took only 12 days to arrive to my address!
  • magnifico producto

    posted by menere

    Mucha brillantes, y muy buen aspecto, 216 lúmenes. este producto tiene buen precio con relación a su calidad, yo los instale en mi auto en las luces de reversa y se ven muy bien alumbran magnifico
    buen producto buen precio, me gustaría comprar de mayoreo este producto ya que esta muy bien
    magnifico, la verdad estoy sorprendido de su comparación de calidad y precio
  • Led Lamp T5 1SMD 5050 - 1W

    posted by Arismar

    SMD LED 5050 T5 1W more light with lower energy consumption and heat dissipation. Preserves the integrity of the lamp socket, does not melt, not dissipate heat as the filament lamps. By design, the emission of light is brighter and more intense colour. Good durability. Several colors. This Led came to facilitate the work on automobile Panel lighting with many advantages.
    Product well protected against damage during transport. Seller fast and accurate. Product with good quality.
    Best quality in lighting and preventing possible damage to the Panel for working the SMD at very low temperature. Far better this than filament lamps.
  • RV replacement bulbs - night lights

    posted by FoMoRian

    Nice warm yellow light good for a night light in an RV;Easy to install;No heat if left on all night;Low power consumption
    Bought these and the green ones to try out for night lights in the RV for the grandkids. Green light "creeped" them out, but the yellow ones are perfect. Not too bright to be left on all night, nor is there any heat; which is a problem with OEM bulbs.
    Highly recommend these bulbs for RV'ers with grandkids that like a night light on all night
  • Good product, does what is expected.

    posted by jsal123

    Seems rigid enough. I like the cooling plate. It is really bright to be an LED interior light. Maybe the Kelvins of the color have an affect. If you live in a warm climate (unlike me), maybe the color makes you sweat a bit less?
    Be careful with the polarity +/-. If you can't measure if the LED is the right way round, be extremely quick when testing if it lights up.
    A good product in general. Somewhat blue as white LEDs usually are, but still white enough. Worth the money.

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