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Every single smd instrument lamps displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. As your loyal companion, you'll find thousands of cool gadgets here at DX. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.

smd instrument lamps Customers Reviews

  • Very bright light, cheap, low watts consumption.

    posted by gfint

    Very bright light, relatively cheap, low watts consumption.Looks like good quality build.I prefer the black colored body.
    I needed 6 bulbs to replace all my indication panel bulbs in my Polaris Ranger, I'll probably buy another set to compete the replacement.Change your ATV/Car bulbs to Led bulbs save energy, go green!
    Recommend to all my friends.
  • great bulbs

    posted by prOOwner89

    Very good bulbs (3 way light emittors). The spreading of the light is very good due to the 3 different emitters, the intensity is also very good, brighter than the regular t5 led's. I like the color because it's not bright blue but more a dark warm blue, the base of the leds is very sturdy, very good material and very good connections between leds and the base
    they stil hold up after 8 months of heavy usage ( are always on and i drive about 30k km with the car per year so i would say good product
    Get it if you need good looking blue T5 bulbs.
  • Led Lamp T5 1W - 1SMD 5050 - Red

    posted by Arismar

    SMD LED 5050 T5 1W more light with lower energy consumption and heat dissipation. Preserves the integrity of the lamp socket, does not melt, not dissipate heat as the filament lamps. By design, the emission of light is brighter and more intense colour. Good durability. Several colors. This Led came to facilitate the work on automobile Panel lighting with many advantages.
    Product well protected against damage during transport. Seller fast and accurate. Product with good quality.
    Best quality in lighting and preventing possible damage to the Panel for working the SMD at very low temperature. Far better this than filament lamps.
  • goo price

    posted by Narvil

    little bit more luminous than w5w bulb but mimimal consumption, very good for change for inner car bulbs. function with dimmer. i must order next 12 for replacing in my car. 100lm is relative but still better than normal bulb
    when this led will have cover it may be use as a front outline light, may be a better Lm in this W5W pls?
    nice LM for price/ bulb w5w, all led whos under 50 lm are not usable for carlight!
  • Awesome !!

    posted by g35driver

    These bulbs put down a nice light output and they fit right in the socket without modifications !!The color is white with a little tint of blue !!
    People will randomly see that even when they are not on they still emit light but this is just funny, you can troll them !!
    Awesome bulbs for the price !

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