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smd car brake Customers Reviews

  • Quality bulb

    posted by Loner911

    The led bulb fits directly into the original 1157 filament bulb socket. The LEDs are arranged neatly and soldered onto the pcb, giving it a all round 360 degrees coverage.
    Been using for 6 months, so far color and brightness remains constant.
    Do look out for space if you wish to retrofit your filament bulb with this led version. I have tried using in other cars but was unable to fit due to the bulb hitting the reflective lens
  • Good brake lights

    posted by fastfoxi

    Good brake bulbs with nice finishing level. Brightness is pretty close to normal 5/21W. Size is also pretty close to normal bulb, so it fits nicely.
    Good product
    Buy if you need normal brightness rear/brakelights
  • super bright product according with original BAY15D lamp

    posted by feltech28

    Product is a good quality, each lamp is packed in quick selflocking bag (like Microsnap).Luminous of this light is really bright and comparable with original lamp BAY15D. Sizes of the product correspod with original and can be used as break lights.
    This product really can be used in cars, which haven't set lights check in car computer CPU. Or it must be disabled or changed checking status in CPU (may create only experienced users).This led lamp cannot be possible to combine with normal incandescend lamp. This cause that the break light on the back doors (Octavia 1) lights permanently.
    I recommend to use, due to adequate intensity as original light.
  • Expensive lights

    posted by Ernestass

    Could be if these lights would suit my car. For example they would consume much less power which would save your fuel. NOT that you can measure, but nature would be thankful I guess.
    Interesting lamps, but I did not get to use them. They are to big for my cars lamps.
    Comparing price it is not so expensive, because in local automotive stores these prices reach the sky.
  • Very bright

    posted by svc64

    Cheap, very bright. Gives all light to one direction. White color, not bluish.
    Useful in license plate lamps and maybe in high level brake lamps depending of the lamp design. Square design may prevent installing to some devices designed for W5W bulb. Bulb has no homologation for automotive use, so using these may not be allowed in the car's exterior lights.
    Gives good and even light in the license plate lamp. Voltage in car electric system may exceed the design voltage so durability is still a question.

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