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  • decent product

    posted by dBtheDBA

    Easy to install, directly replaces existing bulbs. Very low current draw. Packaging was very good. In fact, it was hard to get it out of the package.
    An extra set of LEDs would probably throw off enough light to make this product more effective.
    Good as a replacement if your use your fog lights to compliment your low beams (as most fogs should).
  • Much brighter than original light bulbs in car.

    posted by sidqi

    Bought two of these to replace the existing bulbs in my Honda Jazz 2009. One for the driver and the other for the passenger seat. It's definitely much brighter than the original bulbs. I was a bit surprised to see the brightness of the LED. I wasn't expecting it to be this bright. Consumes lesser power too. They also cost a third compared to a similar item sold at a shop near me.
    Make sure you get the polarity (red/black) correct when connecting the pins.
    If you find that the interior of your car is a bit too dim when using the original stock light bulbs, then get this LED light! It's heaps brighter now for me!
  • Very brighter

    posted by rsr010

    Low electrical consumption.No warming.White light.High bright.Great low price.Good electrical contacts.Strong Board.
    No other thoughtsI´m using in the internal light of Nissan Livina. A little modification on car socket was needed (the original lamp is a little shorter than that).The bright is very powerful, and the light is white.Although left on by a hours, no warming in the socket as detected.
    The board is very strong. You can solder it if needed.
  • Bright but directional

    posted by SheikJabouti

    This was a very bright unit. Also convenient was the multitude of adapters for different sockets.The fit is good. And the unit does not heat up like I thought it might. It stays very cool for such a bright light.
    The price could be cheaper and I'm not sure if it's over 1000lm?
    Looks to be the brightest car LED on the site for now.
  • Bright flood-light

    posted by 25080205

    Very bright cool light flood. Power consumption slightly less than incandescent lamp but LED few times brighter!
    I mistakenly order lamp that longer than original lamp in my car and don't fit in reflector. Because it's my mistake, I resolder caps on sides of PCB and it's fit perfectly. Measure your old lamp before buy.
    It's fine light! I recommend replacing incandescent lights with it in all possible places. I install that lighs in ceiling lamp and trunk light.

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